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  1. Letter openers were all the rage. There used to be many different style of them all shape like real swords only smaller.

  2. I've been watching these videos everynight. They make the game look so easy! Watched one last night of a guy who survived 100 days literally fighting hordes of zombies with a crowbar! And here's me loosing to a 1 v 3 with frying pan.

  3. You will get there. I have killed over 2000 zombies with crowbars. Best weapon ever. Don’t use guns in this game, it will get you killed.

  4. Guns are great. Not in the beginning but it's easy to shrink a horde with some drive by shooting.

  5. There is a hole in the train terminal. You can drive through it. No need for sledge hammer.

  6. Never been, I was just about to ask can car get through

  7. I suppose, yeah, by winter you should have a working vehicle and tons of empty containers, just do one run to the river should set you up for rest of winter. But then again, PZ be the way it be sometimes.

  8. I never take high hunger cos I don’t want to be eating food all the time. I need time to kill zomboids.

  9. You don’t even need food. But if you don’t want to look for generators in riverside, it’s a lot easier to find generators in rosewood.

  10. My whole escape plan last playthrough was banking on those things working. Turns out they didn’t so it was either face zeds head-on or jump out the window. Didn’t make it for much longer

  11. The apocalypse belongs to those who are ready to do anything :)

  12. It would be cool if you mistaken an NPC for a zombie because you couldn’t see so well.

  13. For me it got easier. I can survive indefinitely on two of the lesser hard modes. I can survive about 1 month on apocalypse mode.

  14. Is it true you need a sledgehammer to get in and out of March Ridge? Will I atleast have to dissamble something to drive out? I think since I'm pretty much surrounded outside the barracks it's in my best interest to settle down and get comfortable, there is plenty of food, and some looting to do still. Well that and I do enjoy the sound of basing here at least a little for the novelty, for now. Could I possibly avoid dealing with peak pop in that area by making sure I load all the towns cells asap? (I play with respawn off) It's going to be hell just leaving my spawn barracks. I have a feeling once I make my way downstairs they are going to become more aware of me and bust in. I may have to either push out guns blazing or maybe try to lure as many inside once they are aware of me before running up and climbing down a rope. I'm trying to plan my best course of actions before I'm sitting in front of my computer later.

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