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  1. yeah. I had selected Windows mode on both plugged and unplugged states and applied the method

  2. I’ve been eyeing that mic arm. Not a fan of adding visual clutter in my periphery. This looks SO good!

  3. thank you! I do have a webcam but I didn't add it in here because it will look messier😓

  4. Thanks! Is it connected to headphones or speakers? I like having my monitors like you do but I have trouble placing speakers in a way that is even.

  5. Yes, getting a dell msa20 monitor arm, benq screenbar, and a new mouse soon. Deciding between an arm for the laptop to or a laptop stand

  6. i would probably just put the laptop in a dock (closed lid) but if youre deciding between an arm for the laptop or monitor, there are some that offer both in just 1

  7. My laptop is a Asus G14 and many advise against closed lid docking since the laptop needs to be open for it to properly cool

  8. You can check the release dates on the sidebar here on Reddit. Episode 1038 releases on March 12th. In the meantime, there were remastered episodes broadcasted in Japan, in promotion for Movie 25.

  9. most razer stuff do become trash after like a year, but the Razer Blackshark V2 Pro has one of the best build, mic and sound quality, some say its the best headset still in 2021

  10. You could use any of the available online search engines to find it.

  11. what i meant was i dont have a ohone number, i know the number of the contact support but i cant contact them due to me not having a stupid phone number

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