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Gaslight queen

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  1. Life is too short to waste fighting to hold onto people who don't love you. It would be worse to raise a child in a house where the 2 of you are constantly fighting. It's OK to let go brother.

  2. Good job responding but do you think it matters? Do you think they care about facts? Or do you think they have even an iota of sympathy for the victim? The news only exploded on twitter after the guys name came out. The tone of their comments was almost celeberatory when they found out the perpetrator had a Muslim name. They will hate us no matter what because their hatred stems out of their deep seated inferiority complex

  3. Inferiority complex might be a stretch. I doubt anyone hates Islam or Muslims cuz they feel inferior. You can't be blind towards all the things you see ok the news. Refugees in Scandinavian countries attacking the locals and threatening them and promising them that sharia law will take over the country. People aren't acting the way they do out of no reason. Maybe try to understand why it is happening before saying it's all cuz of hatred and inferiority complex

  4. There is no need to add disrespectful. That part is a given when you say American.

  5. All the hate that Modi govt gets, no one can deny they made the world recognize India and it’s power. For the first time in a long long time, Indians can stand proud.


  7. India is only 80 years old. We have come a long way since then and made tremendous progress in a lot of areas. Yes poverty is still a major issue but not everything gets resolved in such a short time.

  8. India is only 80 years old? Whats your point man? I mean China is also only 78 year old.

  9. China was never ruled by another country and all their resources stolen. That's my point.

  10. He had years of fun and he came came out alive. That's all the memories he needs for the rest of his life

  11. It's sad that they think showing love is somehow a crime. What kind of life does someone have to live, to think love is an insult

  12. ummm if it was in his back pocket how did his thigh get burned? Wouldn't it have burnt his ass cheek? Ijc

  13. When the pants caught on fire. Jeans pockets aren't exactly on his ass. Lower down.

  14. As you were referring to incidents outside of this video earlier. I am now doing the same. You can't look at just this video. There are plenty of attacks performed by the side getting the beat down in this clip.

  15. I see no women and children in the video. If you do see any, you're imagining them.

  16. You can literally hear them crying and screaming. I bet you are the kinda person that blames the victims.

  17. Easy to judge a man’s opinion from where you sit. imagine a soldier who has seen things and experienced things and lost fellow soldiers in battle defending his country. no one can judge him unless they have been in his shoes and experienced what he has experienced

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