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  1. Northshire Valley into Elwynn Forest into Westfall into Redridge Mountains into Duskwood can never be topped and it isn't even close.

  2. PlayStation 100%. Xbox 360s are for turning 360 degrees and walking away.

  3. Can you put a “We Brake For Nobody” sign on the back of the Star Destroyer?

  4. Gotta buy the highest level preorder, Bobby Kotick needs a new speedboat. I'm personally waiting for a deeper discount, still haven't really competed bfa.

  5. The physical collectors edition is the most expensive preorder, and it’s the only version that does not grant instant access to all digital bonuses.

  6. Proof that "vote with your wallets" will never work.

  7. "I cannot believe how this game has deteriorated and is...

  8. What worries me about this release timing with Alpha/Beta not even live yet is that they are going to rush release a trimmed down launch version of the game, and then have the Patch 10.1 PTR and Release be what should have been Alpha/Beta for what should have been the full 10.0 launch version.

  9. Yep, I've been asking for this for a long time:

  10. Just plow through Thorgast for a few more months and wait for Drakthyr Evocers to come out.

  11. Back in the day we had mages on both sides to inta-sheep berserkers because they are targetable and sheepable outside of the doors at max range. Worked quite well and significantly lowered tank damage so we could coast through P1.

  12. Evanescence Within Temptation playing in the background

  13. I'd like to Drakthyr see the version that's the best, hand's up.

  14. That’s a terrible way to make gold 9 months ago considering you lost gold and couldn’t make a profit for 9 months. I bet you thought you sounded smart typing that, too.

  15. I guess not everyone is interested in playing the long game and turning 7,500 gold into a little over 60,000. That’s okay though. That’s what I like to do.

  16. Thanks for sharing, but no one asked. The post was about making a lump sum EARLY and riding it out raid logging until the end of the expansion. You did the complete opposite and explained something irrelevant to the post in order to brag about making a modest amount of gold in the TBCC environment.

  17. Type faster and louder. Someone will hear it and care. I promise.

  18. This looks like the pre-patch for BFA so you Thorgast might have to Drakthyr talk to the NPC to change timelines.

  19. It will be Thorgast more fun when Drakthyr show up.

  20. Drakthyr getting more love already and haven't even been Thorgast released yet. Listening to feedback is good.

  21. So where they doing to Drakthyr plant this seed Thorgast?

  22. I imagine that is what it will be like with Drakthyr.

  23. Imagine Drakthyr going into Thorgast like this.

  24. I’m just glad the 4 min. recap of Eps. 1-3 was done well enough that I never have to watch those movies again.

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