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  1. if kitkallos is released unbanned and the tears are all at at least 2 and elf is also unbanned, I don’t see how we’re about to avoid a tier 0 format unless they seriously hit it pre release.

  2. I don't even think Kitkallos is going to release in this pack. Not with the number of Tearlament cards in total there are. Wiser move would be release it later after more balancing is done around the deck first, then release it with Rulkallos and the other cards left out later

  3. Are you trolling? Its literally from the tournaments dkayed himself hosts. It even says it on the tierlist site? Did you not even read anything besides "wow rikka tier 3 meta"

  4. OP literally doesn't know what the tierlist is based off. They're being toxic literally based on a false assumption and can't take the L so they're bringing the fight to the whole thread telling them they're wrong lmao.

  5. Dude has no idea what he's talking about since he just straight up considers MDM the end all be all of the meta.

  6. Almost like the devs goal is to remove the idea of a "meta" so that everyone experiments with builds that compliment their personal playstyle/experience rather than just having a "one size fits all" set of perks.

  7. Brine is just worthless now. Maybe try Deadlock/Grim Embrace. Just do a gen blocking build.

  8. No. You’re proving the point. Your first thought is negative.

  9. That's specifically because it has to do with Floodgates and/or Runick, which if anything on this sub/related to this game ever deserved negativity aside from Maxx "C", it's those two things.

  10. You know, you could search this on YouTube and get a quicker explanation. Yu-Gi-Oh has a long history and particular when it comes to card bans and the specific circumstances/changes in the meta at certain times, videos documenting those changes will almost always be more informative.

  11. We already know that Trump, Biden and Obama play on a regular basis.

  12. Dude your whole fucking hand is floodgates, you're still the worse of the two of you here

  13. If a lawyer said you’re fucked, you’re fucked. Pedestrians have the right away even though sometimes they’re morons. You’re either going to have to accept paying her or leave the country I guess. Also, you weren’t “jumped”.

  14. What do you mean by “without screwing retailers?” Is there a good side to pbandai?

  15. They probably needed to add more sounds to the Vision Driver to justify selling it as premium bandai.

  16. Pbandai stuff is often woefully short on sounds anyway. This not only doesn't really track, but a suit and part of the story aren't written in to justify a small part of a single Pban item.

  17. tear is definitely the meta next. and other ishizu piles. your gonna see itt more than spright

  18. It might be if they release all the relevant cards, which the most likely will not, given the sheer number of them. At the very least, Kitkallos probably isn't being released since it's the other fusion on the pack cover. The single handedly dodge Ishizu Tear 0 if they simply don't release a few cards until later with a support batch in another pack.

  19. You give up because your cola is now broken, so you either fork out repair fees or buy a new one

  20. Are we sure they release all the tear cards in one go? They could drop half the engine and hold the fusions hostage and then when the entire engine is out ban the earlier release.

  21. Given the number of Tearlament cards and the number of cards typically released in a Selection pack, only half the cards will likely even release alongside other archetype cards.

  22. yeah i get that, doesent make up for lack of creativity though, they could use better names that kida understand,and most kids that watched ex-aid had a basic knowledge and weren't limited to words like bang bang or zombie,that being said i still like the names,they simply just lack a lot of creativity

  23. Kamen Rider's target audience is kids age 4-15, roughly speaking.

  24. Melffy itself probably isn't in one of the UR slots. There's only I think 3 cards iirc even being added? So at most one or two would be SR and that's it most likely.

  25. Well he did say that the ones he hasn't revealed yet are the ones Konami really wants to push and that they're also going to be on the cover of the pack.

  26. That sounds a little sus, since Tearlaments is a whole set basically, at least one of them has to be on the pack cover. Unless he's referring to purely the other two cover UR's.

  27. My ex's kid did this because she grounded him. He spent close to $3000. She took a sledge hammer to his playstation right in front of him.

  28. Considering the cost of a playstation, kid got off light

  29. But if I play pure Morphtronics I don’t get my handloop :(

  30. What deck does handloop with Morphtronics? (I know very little about them)

  31. Well, if the goal of Maxx C is to keep combo deck in check, then you're not going a very good job of that if one of the most combo heavy decks in the game can just play through it and all you get is a Pot of Greed.

  32. Drive is a bit of a stretch

  33. It's a stretch from Wizard. The only reason the driver has a hand is the ring motif, and the reason it's a ring motif is because of the magic circle trope in magic fantasy. It's not like we see Haruto using 5 rings at once to transform like you see the previous 4 riders using the respective number of trinkets. People just looking for hints that aren't even there

  34. Which is exactly why it doesn't continue from Wizard onwards. Prior to that, the trend counts the number of trinkets used to transform, not the number of fingers someone/something has.

  35. This is precisely why it isn't a children's game. It might have been 20 years ago, and that may have been it's foundation, but as far as competitive card games in general go, it's not a kids arena in the slightest.

  36. Public libraries in Japan are fossils that do not have 3D printers

  37. so. theres a design contest up on thangs right now. where you can win one for free (a 3d printer). bambu labs put up the contest.

  38. It was just a sarcastic jab, but I do sincerely appreciate the serious response xD

  39. Not yet at least. Official announcement said in future that they may become available through crafting, which if they're going out of their way to mention specifically, means that odds aren't too bad it'll come to pass either

  40. This is how pretty much all anime that extend beyond 2 cours without source material wind up.

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