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  1. My friends and I took our 10 y.o. girls (who are BFFs) to see her last month and it was just transformative…So uplifting and positive and FUN and such good music!! Truly once in a lifetime.

  2. My mother is from colombia and i had my ears pierced in the hospital. They dont change earrings until at least a year

  3. I compulsively pick at my own cuticles, but would NEVER do it to my kid, it’s a complete demolition of personal boundaries. This needs serious attention, this is going to mess with those kids if he doesn’t get ahold of this soon. (Also, just ew. Keep your hands to yourself.)

  4. I understand your opinion, but this was worded in a really rude/judgmental way which breaks Rule 4 and your opinion/judgment was not necessary or helpful to OP. Read and follow the rules of the sub in the future please.

  5. As someone who spent years in a similar sitch as the friend of this couple…you have to stop accommodating her and just invite the couple knowing she will stay home. Alone with the kids. It’s her choice, she’s happy with it, if she misses out then it’s on her. Let the other mom come with you all and don’t make anyone stay and babysit her, she’ll be fine

  6. God works in mysterious ways 🌠. This sub helped me process a painful break-up this year. While I was distracted here, I mostly gave up my other distractions: tv and online news and weed. Turns out coffee breaks can just involve coffee. 🤷‍♀️.

  7. OK, I am legitimately a little upset - I have spent more than 1000 hours here this year. I think I need to detox.

  8. I remember Alec saying to Hilaria in an interview at their farm - I've never been spoken to the way you speak to me.

  9. She interrupted him, then corrected him on camera. He HAD to drink it off he was so embarrassed of her. And to top it off - they had zero actual contact with Harry and Megan 😂 no photos, no interview by the MC - NOTHING. They’re both laughing stocks and Alec knows it whereas she is still living in denial.


  11. I love that the video cuts when Carmen starts messing around with her cheek implants hahahahahahaha

  12. “When the mommy falls sick from the babies” is the weirdest way to phrase this. Almost sounds like ESL. But I guess that’s what she’s going for.

  13. I wonder if our friend Alexander is worried about what might come out in court or testifying?

  14. Did anyone notice how she changed how she said “helena” in the interview. At first she said “hel-eh-na” then “hel -E-na” . I found that interesting

  15. Alec presented Harry with the Ripple of Hope award just a few nights ago. It’s a bullshit “humanitarian” award for a charity that lines the pockets of other grifters like the Baldwin’s and Duke/Duchess of Sussex. They are very much the same. Nobody of any importance wants anything to do with any of them.

  16. Hi Conrad: My opinion only ... would be easy to check the thyroid for possible hypothyroidism. Again, IMO.

  17. Thanks that makes sense (I have hypo-adrenal function so thought about that too)

  18. We’ve had those chairs before, a drunk adult can fit and not tip them over easily. They’re actually incredibly well made and designed

  19. Dear god. Who, besides her, breastfeeds their baby as if it is an annoyance??

  20. I hope Paul was wearing an ascot & a cowboy hat at the time.

  21. perpappi is so 'butt hurt' right now (that term always makes me laugh) (and i know it is circa two decades ago) (but come, on, he is boiling fuming right now! it is so muy pathetico!)

  22. So effing sad. My 2 daughters, 22 & 15, if I ever saw this face on them, I would be worried, honey are you sick? Are you not feeling good? Are you sad? What’s going on? I want to think she’s kind of like Mommie dearest without the violence.

  23. The Baldwin Bill sounds awesome!!! It's only a matter of time before people are not allowed to exploit their children like this. Maybe something good could come out of this mess 👍

  24. just saw this in a news email, it's her!

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