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  1. What he probably means is that its believed US English probably sounds more like older English since in England during the 18th, 19th and 20 century there were mayor shifts in pronunciation due to them wanting to sound more sophisticated.

  2. The Americans getting deployed to my country aren't fighting for freedom, they're usually fighting to get a piece of university p**sy while they're away from their wives.

  3. It's not that this is "not interesting", it's quite disturbing. I hope Dakota got reported to the cops.

  4. Why would he. If you keep saying I'm 10 over and over again then he is not 10 but a troll. So asking someone if they are a adult age is now a pedo thing? He is asking the right stuff "are you 18plus" and he is 21 not a fat old 50 year old like Prince Andrew

  5. But mummy wants to chat on the phone and daddy is bussy in the office and grandma/grandad is sleeping

  6. Europe has no culture apart from Greegs and Tesco so we need American chains to keep Europe Great Again

  7. You can see a lot of contrast here in France.

  8. I still like PowerPC and enjoy using it. Not all PowerPCs required a fan. G3s often performed better than comparable pentiums while consuming far less power.

  9. these are some really good photos for 2004.

  10. Not looking forward to having to guess between Samsung and LG panels on the 14 just like the X all over again. Still so annoyed my Samsung X got swapped with an LG one years ago when it went faulty in the first year; the LG panels are always horrendous.

  11. Don't worry us English are probably just as bad when it comes to other European leaders and our ignorance but that's largely down to our media and the obsessive reporting of US politics while ignoring anything happening on the continent resulting in the fuck up called Brexit.

  12. But that guy on his phone after… how many damn digits if the British number for emergency services?

  13. My "childhood TV" was one that I save up $50 to buy. We played NES on it for years and used the antenna to watch OTA TV. It was a

  14. Bought online and shipped? How was it packed and how much did shipping cost the seller? Harder to spot defects or picture issues from photos.

  15. It's just a generic cheap Chinese plastic crap TV so it breaking would be not a loss. It's also not old enough to age and shatter like a egg

  16. Holy fuck. This is painfully unfunny. Did a seppo do this?

  17. Aight so I live in Chicago and have seen 2 Nandos downtown, is it worth trying??

  18. I would shoot it up if you are in Chicago. It's rubbish full of dry chicken and cheeky people

  19. Im not British, how much a wetherspoons will get? When I visited Margate my British friend took us there and was the worst fish and chips I have ever had... beer was cheap tho

  20. They are not tho. USA is the youngest nation if you go by school shootings, MacDonalds, National flags, Fattys and free and rich civilization with electricity and clean running water

  21. And England is the oldest country in the world if you go by order of who called themselves England first.

  22. Yo, where'd you get your towers? We need a replacement because we lost the 2 in New York. Damn I shouldn't be making this joke

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