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  1. Snatched by riki because no truesight yet

  2. These activists are the sole reason for all the glue companies stocks are going bonkers.

  3. We do survive on validation, but you can absolutely limit who's you survive on. Not giving a fuck, to me means caring only what the people close to ourselves think, everybody else is inconsequential.

  4. Even this could be two edged sword at times. People close to use start saying or should I say demanding or just plain start putting the burden of thier hopes and whatever on us and expect us to listen to them all the even no matter what they say.

  5. you know what shes talking about, (giggity giggity)

  6. To Netflix ki Id dm krr se bhai🀑, gareeb student hu(⁠‒⁠‿⁠‒⁠)

  7. Tu mereko abhi itna motivation de de ki mai raat ko hi dekh lu fire rat bhr gaand fati me sou? πŸ˜‚ Sabar kro kal pakka dekhunga ...

  8. Mindhunter is love. It is my first go to recommendation series. You'll fall in love with it. And yes it is based on completely true incident. Even these people started the whole serial killer investigation thing for the first time.

  9. I just realized he might have been going for 45 to impress you but after the 42nd round his dick must have been like Bhai ab nhi hoga bas kr hahaha

  10. Agar Rajendar Nagar Metro bulaya hai coffee k liye to phr be cautious kuch bhi mtlb ho skta hai.

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