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Stranger saves kid from bully

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  1. Pink needed every advantage he could get. He prolly knew he would get stomped in a fair fight. Bitch made is bitch made 🤷🏽‍♂️

  2. I would have fucked this dude up. Sure she shouldn’t have done that but anyone who justifies this prolly should rethink their life and tell their parents they should have raised them better. This is never the answer.

  3. This is sad neither once can even throw a punch atleast they got gloves. Definitely need lessons.

  4. SMH these videos are fine until the friends jump in then it’s just lame, why do people do that shit.

  5. If you’re being racist you deserve whatever comes your way. Don’t feel bad for this dude in any kind of way.

  6. This one breaks my heart :( that poor girl. I hope that psycho bitch is expelled and does time in juvie

  7. Fuck juvie this bitch needs life, teen or not beating someone who is unconscious is never okay.

  8. I could not sit and watch someone do this to someone who is not fighting back.

  9. In 8th grade this kid started wailing on this other kid and I had just met him a month before this incident, but we were outside the gym after school when the incident took place and all his friends were there and no one helped him. So I jumped in pulled the guy off of him me and him exchanged a few punches. I’m not much of a fighter but I landed one good one and he didn’t want to fight anymore. I could have easily got my ass beat too but their is no way I would ever let any defenseless person be attacked.

  10. What do you expect from vacation Cruz, that dude is a joke. Mostly all Texas representatives are. Some days I ask when we will over take Florida for crazy maybe we already have.

  11. Look what they all have in common it’s not hard to see why they walked out that people from that demographic and the older mindset aren’t exactly known for being open minded.

  12. The only sad part of this video is they stopped hitting him. A crib stomp would have been a happy ending.

  13. I believe their is a loner version where he whoops someone else then that dude talks shit and well oh saw what happens.

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