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  1. So Flash season 9 is basically the Arrow-verse send off. That's cool, seems like an appropriate way to do it. I haven't watched the show since season 4, but I may just give it a go and hope I'm not too confused.

  2. Dw not much has really happened since then. Just Ralph isn’t on the show anymore lmao I watched it till like season 7. It got painful and cringe I had to stop watching.

  3. I just don’t understand. DICE spent 12 months carefully balancing and editing the game into a fun experience, and then threw it all out of the window.

  4. ADS drone that’s more harder to shoot than regular drones. The only con I would make is that it takes longer to recharge to use another one and can be countered by Mute jammers.

  5. So Viperstrike is sort of the jack-of-all-trades squad, huh? I guess that makes sense, their members are a little bit all over the place. That drone at the beginning is definitely the new OP’s gadget. Curious what it does 🤔

  6. I want Nightcrawler to appear and recreate that opening scene in the white house from X-Men 2

  7. This gotta be teasing a PS event sometime this year. Also seeing as though they’re skipping E3

  8. I totally forgot about this game. I completed the story but got a unsatisfying ending so then new game+ came out and now I only got like a couple hours into it cuz it’s so boring to even redo.

  9. Ight well good luck 👍 but if things don’t go well hmu so I can get the @ jkjk lmaoo

  10. She's still talking to me like normal, if I'm really lucky maybe she didn't see it. Thing is I'm new to high-school and I don't know really how I should manage relationships yet since I've never been in one

  11. So was I. Back in 9th grade-12 I missed cues girls liked me even when they made it obvious for some reason my brain would shut off and completely refuse that a girl liked me. Best thing to do is if a girl shows small interest then ask for her number or something. Hope things go well with you in high school though 👍

  12. Idk, just if you're wondering we kept talking and she hasn't brought up anything about it, so fingers crossed

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