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  1. I think in Last Human, Holly passed on the information, perhaps with the ships black box, including Dave Lister being in stasis and the plan to bring Rimmer back as a hologram.

  2. I think Holly being alone, he focused on the only thing he could do, Lister was the only one... maybe looping directives between and putting it all on himself to keep the crewmate existing in some form.

  3. I generally prefer the dub, the voices sound even more over the top than the original and I like that

  4. I think the framing of the series, it has to be slightly over the top in a lot of the energy.

  5. Personally I prefer the dub voice because it portrays him as a goofball better .

  6. One of the biggest demons , massive goofball who wants a kid to show off to the two other big demons

  7. Is this the same idea as that speed reading thing that highlights a letter in the middle of a word to be the focus but written out in paragraphs?

  8. The one part they do show is from the first camp at Motosoko... 5C during the day/late evening... and this is only November, they don't often say but always put over how warm it needs to be if they need a Secret Society Blanket or a campfire...

  9. Pretty sure Viv has already gone on record saying Alastor isn't even the most powerful among the Overlords, and is nothing compared to any of the Sins. So unless this is some wacky diversion tactic, I don't see it.

  10. He probably is so much less powerful than Charlie and her family, whether he knows charlie is or not is another matter,

  11. I think Rosa in WWE would be huge, every crowd would be full of kids in face paint or they could sell little masks. She could be the latina star they've been hoping to find for 20 years.

  12. If Saraya was to get the division more attention from KHAN yes... but that's more for speaking for the others and not being stuck in the same small area the women exist in.

  13. I hope Jade gets a movie role or something soon so Tony can free up that belt and elevate someone else. Do his usual tournament where Britt meets Jamie in the final and Jamie goes over. Britt acts like it's ok for a while but we can all see the jealousy brewing. Build it for a good six months or so before Britt drops the hammer or maybe even have Jamie do it and turn Britt face again...

  14. But it's Khan's toybox... and only he gets to play with it.

  15. Its just not popular, some of these spoons are extremely grim with no obvious customer base besides alcoholics

  16. They alienate the people they'd rather have in more... outside of post work or once a week with their mates

  17. Just the lack of music is enough for me to never go in. Everything else is just additional

  18. The food was average and I just went in there because they did Scottish breakfasts outside of Scotland for where I was... and it was open earlier... and sometimes just used it as an excuse to get out of the house with a laptop, but found other places since to spend my money at.

  19. Always going to be along the lines of "someone has it worse than you"

  20. AEW should keep him. They have storyline gold with all the real life drama if they do it right

  21. It's a double edged sword, he could reignite problems easily and you have to control his time on the mic... being given 8 minute promo time because it sells will lead to this again... you can only do it when all parties but Punk holds it way too deeply to really make it work without just adding to the fire.

  22. I don't know if he didn't just burn the bridge but bombed it from a great height... numerous times

  23. "How dare he go to another team that he has a signed contract with when we already announced him as our emergency replacement driver on social media without having any contract in place with him?"

  24. F1 is really showing the areas they are getting bogged down by

  25. When will it appear on roku? Or any updates for the roku? I'm in a endless loop with tech support on asking about it.

  26. Think it's one they probably have to go show to show to adjust it depending on where they generally appear. Probably about the same for devices and the versions of them as well over time if it works out well

  27. I wonder if it's reuploaded due to technical issues/changes in subtitles, or new languages added?

  28. That is the 'real' CM Punk. CM Punk and Phil Brooks are one in the same and the mask completely fell off during the All Out media scrum. The fever dream is over! Anyone still defending him and excusing his behavior at this point is nothing more than a Punk cultist at this point. I guess there is some truth in "Cult Of Personality". How disgraceful that THAT picture right there is possibly the very last visage of CM Punk that we will ever see at a professional wrestling event: a sweaty, bloody, disheveled looking maniac with a deranged look in his eyes.

  29. 2011 Punk wanting his full moment but both times he got the main deal something kicked him off, which was himself... No one else above him to blame, and no one else so the closest was Page and somehow Colt... Elite was a bonus to see if that could be something he could be an underdog against.

  30. In my head I can’t help but think he felt that arm fail him and he knew. He knew it was his last match ever. Then said fuck it, imma air all the dirt and go home.

  31. Or he was trying to boost up a feud that could carry on when he definitely would be cleared to compete again... Just that Elite came in and made it happen a lot quicker a few minutes later...

  32. Look buddy I'm not that smart and I culd still easyli end a couple of relationships by just spilling some BEANS to peaple who shuldnt know and whatch shit hit the fan. I am doubtful Alistor cant do the same thing as me even better.

  33. Although he's seemingly playing chess with the people around... Why he brought in Nifty and Husker... He's got angel and vaggie to play around with...

  34. Oh yeah imagine if Nifty or Husk fond the BEANS its like whul the come running to him to tell him or whuld they try to hide it from him i dont imagine Husk beeing a tattle tale but I don't know nothing about Nifty, that culd be so much tention if like Charly did something that culd ruin the relationship cos she snapped at something and someone found out and Alistor had to somehow force it out of them without using voilence

  35. He does need to keep Charlie happy and if that's going to be his plan to take it out on Vaggie, it's never going to work out as he wants...

  36. Crust, East Midlands mostly... but then also part Scottish I guess

  37. Yeah, I'm not sure but as far as I know, coil still isn't mandatory to move on? I could be wrong. The very start of 2.0 was heavily pushing the importance of group content being the most important aspect of the game, and especially at endgame, with coil and the raids. The story being gated with mandatory group content was a huge disappointment for a lot of people back then, but it was "training" to get you used to doing it for later. Yoshida was very much an "MMOs are for groups, raids, and harder content" kind of developer. Maybe they were more surprised by how many people didn't do those things and so missed out. But, that's just a guess.

  38. Also to be the BIG reveal of the end to the cinematic they play for ARR, they didn't show off and put as a side story... how did everyone survive if the end of the promo that it looked dire?

  39. The best part about this is how completely out of the blue it is.

  40. She definitely did learn as just to spite him since they probably both couldn't originally.

  41. Yeah because as a french I can just go in the nearest bakery and get a freshly made sandwich with real bread for the same price as those horrible horrible subway thingies.

  42. In the UK, its not always easy to have an alternative place that does the job for you

  43. In case anyone was wondering, the "not bread" has a sugar content high enough to classify it as a confectionary. Someone in the collab said, "If it's not bread then what is it, cake?" And yeah, more or less

  44. It was Ireland who started that one, America who went over if it was actually the tuna that counted as fish.

  45. Adam and Jamie had a very professional relationship, and don't really work with each other too much outside of filming the show.

  46. Adam is the guy who can show his passion for crafting stuff from his Youtube channel.

  47. The one that got me crying a number of times during a series was Sunday Without God...

  48. neither. I like him but he’s nowhere near the level of Gunther or Bobby Lashley. It would be ridiculous for him to beat one of them.

  49. Make bloodline steer clear of jeopardising their status by avoiding Imperium...

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