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  1. It is not completely different video, as only way i've seen this go off is when the videos are merged and trimmed.

  2. What is she a time traveler? Did she start talking about hate she got on a video in the video that got hate? Tf? And an example? Look at literally any misogynistic man of even slight celebrity status.

  3. 1st question: No, 2nd question: No. What point do those questions prove?

  4. The point those two questions prove now is that you’re incapable of recognizing rhetorical questions. They were different videos originally, bud. Just cuz they were edited into one video after the fact doesnt mean they came at the same time. And you can clearly tell they were different videos. And the fact that you can only recognize trump as a misogynist points out your lack of awareness. Have to be living under a rock to not recognize all the men involved around the #metoo movement. Not saying they were falsely accused, but theres many more than just Trump.

  5. It seems all the offended people forgot that star wars:rise of skywalker also had a same sex kiss in it for about the same amount of time

  6. Why yes i do have friends. moves hand to showcase all my alts

  7. I had this as well. Except i think it was piccolo and chiaotzu. Ssj transformation but the kamehameha really lingered before hitting the meteor. Got phy goku and piccolo and teq super 17

  8. Dude support items are so easy. Just do some link leveling runs with energy drinks. Do auto map, get to first fight, use all drinks, turn on auto battle and you’re set. You’ll have it done super quick

  9. It annoys me as someone with a newer account that i have to sit there and watch animals bleed out and die and take negative honor for it when i literally cannot mercy kill them until i become a stupid naturalist.

  10. You know who absolutely wrecked that part for me? Phy ssj2/3 goku. Two shot cell and majin vegeta’s cleaned up

  11. I wish I didn't constantly get shafted on 2022 banners. At least my EZA Phy Kefla had my back and also took down cell turn 1 slot 1 when I got a lucky 12 orbs. 3.7m crits back to back are no joke.

  12. That would definitely be a solid secondary. I thought about doing a full uni6 ssj2 team but figured thatd be too easy lol maybe not

  13. Does anyone know where to stream the dub? Hulu has the first 3 seasons, but only for like another week and a half, and no season 4. I just found this show last week and I'm finished with season 2. Titties aside it's actually got a solid plot lol. Any other ecchi that hit the same notes?

  14. I switched to crunchyroll. They got all 4 seasons dubs and tons of other anime. Not a bad price either

  15. Oh, I didn't realize it was on Crunchyroll. I checked their library yesterday and it didn't pop up, good to know!

  16. It might not have updated yet because i believe they’re still absorbing funimation. They’re the ones that had DxD originally so maybe they’re lacking on the library lol

  17. Try to find friends who have 500k points or more as they tend to have decent options for teams.

  18. Ive been trying lol. Im almost to 600k myself and i want other friends at least as strong. But i just get all the low levels probably newer players. The odd powerful one here and there but not much.

  19. Alright I appreciate it. Name on account is shenron.

  20. If it gets to the spring work, do not do it yourself. Hire a professional as those springs are loaded with enough pressure to absolutely kill you in .002 seconds.

  21. Was looking for this comment lol im not sure many people know those glorious vines anymore

  22. At least we dont have to rainbow them first. lookin at you legends

  23. Bunch of people attacked the aloy model for having peach fuzz on her cheeks (as most humans do if not facial hair) but they were pissed and outraged over the “bearded lady”

  24. Nah we get a new gauntlet every month for a zenkai now. The raid is just easier co-op lol. The event to get the free TOP characters and the Extreme battle that you can only do once a day as far as actual NEW things.

  25. Oh dude fuck that jiren on extreme battle lol but yeah that doesn’t seem like much at all. One thing im really not liking is that the game really kinda forces you to login every single day and do all kinds of things to really get anywhere. Sure you can do story to get crystals but those are a scam themselves cuz of energy. Energy has to be my absolute worst complaint with it after the stupid zenkai bs. Pulled LL VB twice and can’t even zenkai him? Tf

  26. Fuck that mode. Every time it comes out, its "easier" with the brand new shiny character. And even then its still trash.

  27. Yeah, easier huh. So thats why even mui against him who is supposed to be the key to it gets completely wrecked in one chain if you slip on his dodge which for some reason stops doing the thing at 1/4 of the gauge remaining and using vanishing gauge is a 50/50 chance

  28. I don’t know the church you go to, but the one I go to would fold immediately if they only brought $20k a week. Pastors and others in the church are absolutely spending FT hours crafting messages, preparing other A/V parts for service, etc. The money you give doesn’t go just to the upkeep for the church and all the expenses in providing service, but doing good local community work and giving to communities around the world.

  29. I actually don’t go to church anymore. It was more of thing that was forced on me as a child. As an adult i have other beliefs. But the $20k was just a bare baseline amount. Just on the averages of it all. Obviously there are people who will give more money, will volunteer their own time for community outreach and service, money from fundraisers, etc. My cousin and her husband had actually started a small church themselves as well and I got some knowledge from that. And i understand that there are church organizations out there that do do good. But sadly it seems those are becoming few and far between as time goes on and the almighty dollar reigns supreme. And of course, theres im sure churches that do the good things just to look good. But, theres no actual proof of that so its moot.

  30. I’m sure there are better run churches than others and the law of averages would dictate that there are a few bad apples in the bunch.

  31. First off, I’d actually like to thank you for continuing this convo calmly and collected. Differences in beliefs doesn’t mean we need to be savage. So thanks. Secondly, you may very well be right. And i do absolutely know there are some good churches out there. But my personal experience has tarnished my view. But hey thats just me. Perhaps my area is just full of greedy fucks in churches. Maybe everywhere else is different. So as far as a blanket statement, it was a bit, and out of laziness and first thing in the morning grogginess. Lol so on that i apologize. And as for the bad apples, it just kinda sucks cuz theyre seemingly some of the biggest ones in america.

  32. The show has Seth Rogen as a main proponent in it’s creation. Idk why lots of dicks is shocking

  33. It was late 1917. Then lived a great man, by the name of Barnibus Cornelius Stinson. grits teeth and he was the best damn trench man Colonel Jacobs had ever seen. One cold, lonely day, Stinson walked the trenches waiting for some kind of action. The other men huddled together for warmth. But Stinson was on a mission. Just a few days prior, he had a run in with the most wonderful woman, you may know her as… Helen Fairchild. He couldn’t get her out of her mind. Keeping to his post but keeping a stern eye out for her scrumptious boob- I mean bu- i mean smile. But just when all seemed lost, he spots her, carefully moving a man with his legs and arm blown off with blood coming out of his mouth from the mustard gas. She looked as stunning as ever in that full gas mask. He rushed over to try and help her, applying his own mask as he did.

  34. Imagine if it stayed in one piece like id hope and then rocketed into the atmosphere only to be pulled back by the earths orbit and become a man made asteroid

  35. I feel like a fit girl could definitely drag me to the gym and get me fit af too but theres a solid part of me that doesn’t want it so i can be lazy. The other part is tempted by the fit booty.

  36. At least she’s saying someone in congress should have a base level of education. More than I can say about the rampant arrogance and lack of self awareness in the majority of congress right now

  37. They all went to school. ~50 years ago

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