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  1. Ahhh yes. We got named pallet jacks. From "The big hurts" to "Bobjim"

  2. If you're doing a lot of deliveries, a super efficient cart

  3. First phone launcher, does not appear to be doable anymore

  4. Here’s the summary from careerdepot. Log on there and see if there are openings in your area.

  5. Oooh la la. I'm a techie, I may be interested in that if it pops up over here

  6. How's the multitasking? Currently when I am going about business I ultimately am consistently swapping back and forth between order fulfillment, pick & release, SKU depot, and overhead management. Currently there's a tiny chance of working seamlessly, and usually the apps reset themselves (immense frustration when in order fulfillment of course).

  7. The multitasking works seamlessly. I had about 4-5 apps open last night with no problems. I haven’t used a mobile hip printer but one of my coworkers in deliveries used it flawlessly as far as im aware. The phone is equipped with only a handle and im not sure about the other gadgets. You can change the sounds, beeps, ringtones, somehow i forgot how i got it to pop up last night. Battery life is actually pretty good. Only dropped like 10-20% after 3.5 hours. Display is much bigger and better quality. These phones seems decently bigger than the older phones at least for me that’s how i feel.

  8. Ah my gawd seems too good to be true. My store is slated for the revamp between now and April... sigh. So you can change the sounds on it huh?? I am curious on that one!

  9. What I would do (not sure if it still works) is press the number to overhead page, then transfer to someone's phone then transfer back to 676 (so it's like a 3 way call kinda) and when they answer they say "hello" or "[department]" on the overhead pager 😭😭😭

  10. It happened at my store like a month or two ago. Since then I've been making 67 cents an hour more than before.

  11. The main thing here is not allowing the government to force vaccines on people. It was kind of messed up anyway with the numbers. Who came up with the magic number of 100? Do you know how many small businesses have under 100? Being forced due to the size business you work for is wrong. I'm not anti vaccine, I'm pro choice.

  12. It's a cold dude. Chill out. I have it right now and it's NOTHING. You're brainwashed if you think otherwise

  13. I say, people need to make their choices. If someone dies, that was by their own hand. Its just what is, for what they had in mind. But its choice now

  14. Phone settings and turn off accessibility shortcut for Nova.

  15. Sigh, before the updates I could double tap the display to turn off, but now in order to do that I have to have the stupid button that doesn't do anything to just have that now?

  16. Management attitude towards it has completely changed since the beginning. Seems to me they know something we don't. Measures that were taken at the beginning is nothing compared to now.

  17. Sounds like you're sharing an email account with the 'hacker'. Nothing 2FA can do about your shit password management.

  18. Making an accusation like that isn't helpful dude. If you can't respond with anything productive about it don't post at all. You're former moderator rank suits you

  19. Which store is this at, it looks a lot like my old one especially with the busted sign

  20. YOOOOOO IT IS how long have you been an ofa

  21. Yikes. It says a lot about your area that that product is kept in anti-theft packaging.

  22. Indeeeed. My store is in a blue state and I think we all know how blue states are doing in the current state of the US. Its catch and release with thieves, drugs, and all the disgust with that in between. It has a lot of folks over here wanting to move away.

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