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He will starve Ukranian people

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New Zealand Maori leader Rawiri Waititi ejected from parliament for not wearing a necktie said that enforcing a Western dress code was an attempt to suppress indigenous culture.

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  1. I’ve noticed this but at AT 15 it’s not having a massive impact on my play ability. I imagine as you get higher and start to push, these problems will start to count.

  2. I genuinely don’t think it would be easy to wee in a condom. Your urine pressure would have to be stronger than the elasticity of the condom for it to expand because the initial weight wouldn’t be enough.

  3. There is another thread where the post is shown and explained by a helpful Chinese national.

  4. How the f does someone that large hold their arms behind their back…unless he is holding the last Big Mac in Russia and doesn’t want to share.

  5. How the hell do they know how old it is??? What they do ask it??

  6. They carbon date proteins from their eyes and usually, due to carbon dating only providing a possible age range, they take the lowest possible age. E.g shark could be 250-500 years old, so let’s say 250.

  7. That what makes you think that your country is great?

  8. Get pregnant and answer the age old question of what hurts more between a ball slap and birthing a human.

  9. So can I wear a kilt to work now? I’ve been waiting for this moment, time to shine!

  10. I can’t think of one British singer who sounds American more than British. Who were you referring to?

  11. It's a bit different story, he got fukd up by government law changes and I have bought it from him as a way of helping him to help him stand up finnancially and to make him finnancially able to repair his car so he can take his stuff and move to a country where I'm living now, here I earn around 4 times more. And basically its not a big deal for me to buy it.

  12. Water. Lots of yummy water. Get a fridge jug/filter jug and take out a personal hit on its contents every day. Some days I don’t drink enough, I end up with either constipation or a bloody awful headache. Then regret. Always with the regret. Edit: Also, salts. Ensure enough potassium and sodium enters your temple. A balance between water intake and salts is key. Otherwise you flush out and may possibly get cramps or aching muscles, which is fine. It’s just a sign to tweak things a little.

  13. Call his bluff and tell him that you have the serial number and once you receive the correct card back, matching said serial number, you will refund him. Of course he could swap the serial numbers but then it would match the serial number on the software that detects it when you test it yourself. In which case you have both the original serial number and the fake one, also the fact he tampered with it.

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