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  1. Hi forest fam! Really hoping this reaches the right person, but on Sunday Morning I left my pine cone necklace in the showers and it is soooo special to me. I’m hoping it finds it’s way back to me, it was carved out in the center with had pink resin, and in the middle are some tiny plants and flowers with small opal/moonstone gems. It was lost at the showers in camp overdrive (at the bear), specifically the second truck in the third shower from the right.

  2. I genuinely didn’t believe girls pooped because I thought only boys could be that gross

  3. Haunter, because he’s only scary on the outside but really he’s just that goofy, loving friend that never takes life seriously and will always make you laugh :)

  4. I’m here to represent those whose blocks were constantly covered within 20 seconds!

  5. Missed him at Okee, my sis and I will hopefully catch him at Forest :) Love your space, btw!

  6. Orlando traveler here, wife and I are making a whole thing of it and going to Bonnaroo the weekend before, and then trekking up to MI for Forest.

  7. 7!! That’s amazing, we’re thinking about going to Bonnaroo next summer, I know that’s definitely drivable for us. Safe travels, you sound like you’re going to have a killer June

  8. I flew to okeechobee from Ohio with camping gear/renting a car earlier this month. You can definitely make it work but have to be somewhat of a minimalist. It was just my girlfriend and I so we checked two bags, also having two of our carry on bags. What I would do different is to definitely have a canopy, potentially buy one at a nearby Walmart and return it after the fest. Second this is to have a good cooler to keep ice frozen for a long time. We brought a collapsible cooler on the plane which was fine but ice only lasted about 4-5 hours, having to consistently buy more and often our food was soaked. You can always ship things like a cooler to a local fedex and pick it up when you are there. We only spent $200 per ticket for the round trip flight but then had to pay $30 per checked bag. ($260 total per person) The rental was $380, food/alcohol/essentials we got at Walmart was around $140 for two people. Gas was about $20-$30 bc we had an hour or so drive from the airport to okee. Again, we made it work and had such a great time, did not spend a ton of time at the campsite and when we did, we often chilled with our neighbors who had great set ups. You just want to make sure you are shaded so you don’t wake up sweating balls and you keep your food/drinks good for hours (unless you plan on buying food everything at forest, which will get pricey). Hope this helps!

  9. Ahhh, okeechobee was incredible, I feel lucky to be a very short drive from it. I appreciate you sharing your price breakdown of things, we’re gonna do a lot of math this weekend to figure out what’s best for us

  10. Yeah add these guys to the list of 'just book them every year' along with Griz and Clozee

  11. I fucking missed their set and the fact that you just put them in the same tier as my literal two favorite sets of the weekend makes it hurt that I missed it

  12. I’ve never seen photos actually capture the feeling of an experience like these do, wow

  13. I don't know, but if it's Jorgeous I'm going to throw my remote at the TV.

  14. I’ve been talking about new eeveelutions forever. Just waiting for it to happen now..

  15. If we get one, I genuinely believe it will be the last one we get. Whatever type it is, I will love it! It would also be cool if they introduced a new Pokémon with the same concept of having multiple type evolutions, except it covers all the types the eeveelutions don’t.

  16. and a for ghost species name - haunteon/phantomeon and for a dragon type - drakeon

  17. Should be pretty soon tbh, just smoothing out a few more things first 🙏🔥

  18. So many. Growing up I probably played it more times than all other games combined

  19. I ran into him near the back of aquachobee after the Charles tribute. He had a mini living room set up

  20. I love that guy! Wish I didn’t lose the poem he wrote for me

  21. That breaks my heart :( I’m sure the moment itself was memorable tho!

  22. Yup, I got the Baiana remix and Deathpact collab on video if you want em. DM me


  24. No photos, but I saw you everywhere and it very much made me dance

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