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  1. How overleveled can you be to beat the wolves on auto battle ?

  2. I treat each game as it's own story... Kinda like how each Zelda has its own Link

  3. Whenever a Youtuber with over 500K subscribers speaks about Etrian Odyssey, I feel overjoyed that the series is being noticed by the mainstream

  4. I used to be on wattpad … one day I posted about my fanfiction on the fandom reddit, and someone asked me if I'm going to publish it on AO3 because they preferred it more, so I cross-published it.

  5. Kotone doesn’t untie her hair even when she sleeps

  6. Are your kids just going to wear protective gear all day? Half of my kids injuries are from full out running on concrete, tripping, and eating it.

  7. Not 24/7, but when playing on a scooter or bicycle , yes obviously.

  8. Same … cooking scenes and then the characters eating…

  9. Etrian Odyssey 3 … because it’s the best of them all

  10. It’s literally written in the character's speech box since Persona 1

  11. It’s literally the day the games are released and we're already seeing mods.

  12. I wonder if the hate comments even notice that yellow box floating up there

  13. Guess Roxas pressed the wrong button of Xion

  14. I had no idea this would be more saddening in Chibi …

  15. I think as long as you play in the correct order, the shock effect will be reduced to tolerable levels

  16. My main concern is what comes after it. This remastered series is , as Atlus said , supposed to give them feedback on how to improve. I’m worried that if it's not received well , the series will go dormant again

  17. I choose Dragon Ball , Sword Art Online and One Piece … because they’re positioned in the middle

  18. We've come a long way since then. Back then all we had was a picture with heartbeat in the background, now we have 3 HD remasters.

  19. in the manga, they called the Gunner girl Menari

  20. I played my first game in this series on the hardest difficulty and it made me love it even more, so I think it depends on wether you play on the hardest difficulty in SMTV and Soul Hackers.

  21. The Gunner girl in EO2/Untold 2… both the Jack Frost and Pyro Jack ones.

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