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  1. Antifa isn't a guy or a group with a member's list. It's literally anybody who shows up to oppose fascists.

  2. It still is a group that attracts people, organizes through private messaging apps, and goes out to burn down businesses and assault people.

  3. Every current Dem president is the worst president of all time.

  4. And for Dems every Republican President is Hitler. Until the next Republican runs and then you get upgraded from Hitler to “the moderate comparison to the new guy running”.

  5. Way too soon to tell, especially considering how much things can change in two years (cough Watergate cough). As of right this minute though, I’d probably place him about mid-tier? Drastic improvement over his predecessor, but I’m not about to touch that dumpster fire lol

  6. I’ll never understand people who deflect any and all criticism of Biden with mentioning Trump. All you’re doing is saying he’s the second worst President. Being better than Trump is a bar you can trip over.

  7. Rape implies direct action on one party with explicit and continual knowledge that the other party or parties do not consent (were forced into it) or can not legally consent (unconscious or inebriated).

  8. First 4 (maybe 5) movies are pretty good still, my favorite was always and probably still is Azkaban

  9. Never read the books but I gave the movies a shake when I was dogsitting and it didn’t really stick with me. But Hogwarts Legacy looks like a lot of fun and if I like it enough I might give the series another chance.

  10. It's important to note that that teenager was lying.

  11. Fair enough on this story and that’s on me for not investigating more.

  12. It is frustrating to me that COVID continues to be a third rail on many reddit subs, and questioning of COVID policy is a quick and permanent ban.

  13. You need to understand that COVID lockdown policies did not drastically affect your average user on this site.

  14. It’s one of those situations where the reaction to the statement completely dwarfs the original statement.

  15. Ima be real, it’s really weird everyone is suddenly too good for cringy writing a week after a new FE came out with some of the goofiest writing I’ve ever seen.

  16. It’s the difference between unintentional cringe and intentional cringe. A goofy story told in complete earnestness will have much more impact and staying power than a story that consistently undermines itself by having characters metaphorically looking at the audience and going “hey guys, isn’t this silly?”

  17. I remember this being a criticism of Velma as well - so much of media writing wanting to be “making a snide take on popular X”. “Oh, this is the part where your dragon eats me?”

  18. Acknowledging a cliche doesn’t change the fact that you’re doing it. Honestly it makes it worse because you are admitting it’s bad but still doing it.

  19. Sadly the selling point for two of those for most was his voice acting and the "Rick and Morty" tie in humor.

  20. The company is literally called “Squanch Games”. It was so intrinsically tied to Roiland’s brand of humor I can’t really see them lasting.

  21. Do you know how many people die every year from fossil fuel rated accidents and emissions? It’s in the millions of you include deaths from pollution. We just accept it because it is so common. The amount of people who have died from nuclear power is in the thousands over the life of nuclear power (including uranium mining and possible radiation exposure after Chernobyl and Fukushima). Nuclear power is even safer than hydropower and wind when you look at deaths per kilowatt.

  22. People will deride the environmental effects of nuclear but look away at the insane strip mining we do to get the rare earth metals needed to make batteries. The entire electric grid can’t be supported by solar panels and windmills, you need a consistent source of energy that can be supplemented with wind and solar and nuclear is the best option for that.

  23. I have not read the book. I've only heard a bunch of conservatives be mad at it, and ya'll lost your credibility on sexualization when Tucker Carlson got mad that they took away the green M&M's high heels.

  24. Do you find this to be an appropriate book to be kept in public schools?

  25. What’s this in the context of? What happens next? Is it available for all grades? Is this book even available at said school?

  26. Mate, it’s porn in a book advertised and pushed onto minors in public schools. What other context do you need

  27. It’s comforting to know that basically everyone saying they would never hire anyone from those colleges will never be in positions where they choose whether someone is hired or not.

  28. Supporting a policy that sometimes kills innocent people simply because they had a trial isn't pro-life, and explaining why abortion is worse doesn't change that.

  29. That’s like asking why pro-choice people aren’t okay with murder. Sure, you can make a very reductionist take of “if dead baby, then bad why dead criminal good” but the simple answer is what they said: the adult made the heinous decisions to get sentenced to death and the unborn did not.

  30. Once is a mistake. But documents were found in 4 separate, unsecured locations. That’s a pattern.

  31. And that some of the classified documents were dated when Biden was still a Senator. People don’t casually walk out of the White House with 15+ year old classified docs.

  32. And remember that according to some people, he doesn't even know he's president, so it would be unlikely he knew he had the documents.

  33. The material originally being discovered by his personal attorneys makes prosecuting him very difficult based on our current knowledge. Cooperation helps a lot.

  34. Do you feel similarly about this claim when other classified documents seized by the DOJ were dated for his time as a Senator? I’m not really sure how long you can play dumb on keeping documents.

  35. Except that Obama is imminently qualified to be on SCOTUS and Trump is a moronic traitor.

  36. I don’t know man, Obama can’t drone strike a hospital as a SCOTUS Justice so I’m not sure he would be interested

  37. WTF? You know that was collateral damage and has nothing to do with SCOTUS quals. At least I hope you do.

  38. Good lord you really think it was just “collateral damage”?

  39. People keep repeating this line like the documents found don't include SCI materials

  40. The “Trump willingly threatened national security by having nonsecure classified documents” to “Biden’s mistake just shows we overclassify everything” shift is a pretty spectacular sight to behold

  41. The fact that they were aware of classified documents found in an unsecured location and it took them over 8 weeks to conduct a VOLUNTARY search is outrageous. That is a lot of opportunity for classified documents to disappear out a back door. At best, Biden didn't even bother to conduct his own search for more classified documents. It is now plainly obvious that the alleged concern about Trump's documents was highly overblown.

  42. The fact that classified documents from his days as a Senator were on his property make this so much worse.

  43. This is the most frustrating aspect of all of this for me. Most people don't seem to realize that if this was literally anyone else they would be arrested. Both Trump and Biden should face consequences for the mishandling of classified materials.

  44. Honestly the most frustrating aspect for me personally is watching those trying to frame Biden as “walking out with a candy bar in your pocket, noticing, and going back to return it”. These documents have been here for 6 years at MINIMUM.

  45. I still remember during the 2016 election when Clinton collapsed trying to get into her vehicle and the 36 hours after where that sub actually felt like it was populated by human beings.

  46. It does feel like the show's entire crew went to the same school and the women felt frustrated because they all fucked the same white guy, and the men were left frustrated because he fucked all of their girlfriends. So they turned this into their limp-dicked therapy session.

  47. It’s genuinely disturbing to see how much these people cannot move on from high school. No matter how much money they make, relationships they build, status they gain - I feel like they would give it all up just to be on top of the high school food chain.

  48. Also the food and beer scene in Birmingham is elite, for example. Not every city needs to have an Asian-fusion taco truck to be considered top tier.

  49. Deathloop was cool but the AI was terrible and the game didn’t really have a ton of freedom on how to complete it at the end. I hope they take that concept and refine it even more. Also, it’s time for that studio to trash their current AI system and build a new one.

  50. Deathloop feels like one Hitman level stretched out into an entire FPS game

  51. I'm honestly shocked at the warm reception this game is getting. Not that I thought the game ever looked bad, but its not often that a new AAA studio can produce something great on the first try. I'm particularly surprised about the supposed runtime of the whole game being about 25 hours long. The one thing that concerned me from the preview was the mention that checkpoints were spaced out a lot. I really don't enjoy wasting my time repeating sections.

  52. I remember a lot of people being worried about it being vaporware early in development. Glad I get to play it soon

  53. But that's what I'm talking about with the primary. Political parties should be vetting the people who decide to put the little R or D next to their names.

  54. It was an election for the state-level House of Representatives for New Mexico district with less than 30k people living in it.

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