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  1. The condition seems unbearable and you're not actively trying to change it or accept it, make lemonade of those lemons, to the point of it not bothering you anymore.

  2. Why don't you focus on him loving you only? But not necessarily feel hate for any other woman.

  3. He wanted to get rid of her a couple of times, even blocked her, but then unblocked her cause she threw a pity party, she is very needy and she manipulates him. I don't like her, because she is not playing a fair game - if she left him alone without posting seducing photos of her buying new lingerie on social media, he would have been mine long ago.

  4. You are the only power in your reality. She hasn’t done a single thing you didn’t create. It’s not a game with her it’s you vs yourself.

  5. So how should I approach this if her presence makes me insecure?

  6. To jest ekwiwalent kobiety obrażonej, bo jej się przyśniło, że ją partner zdradził.

  7. W sumie to naprawdę nie ma znaczenia. Bo życie i ludzie to nie jest linia prosta.

  8. Love this. I would love it if more people took a scientific approach, tested some methods, and checked what gave results (I do it too).

  9. No, taki z ciebie prawdziwy chłop co to umie podjąć samodzielnie męską decyzję...

  10. Ignoring 3d never worked for me. I lived in denial for MONTHs and nothing changed (but nothing bad happened either, 3d just didn't improve, didn't move in any direction) + during those months I always had a lingering anxious feeling, this was quite literally making me crazy, heavy mood swings, heavy doubts about the law, just a rollercoaster.

  11. Nie znam się ani trochę ale chętnie spróbuję. Primo, nie wiem czy to wystarczająca ilość informacji, bo podajesz masę całości, ale ilość etanolu jest wyrażona w % obj. Ale zakładając 100 ml flaszkę:

  12. To akurat chyba krople na uspokojenie jak widzę po walerianie/kozłku i melisie.

  13. Dokładnie, zioła raczej mają naukowo udowodnione działania, a nie homeopatia, ale nie wiem, farmaceutą nie jestem :D

  14. Ok, but if you really believe in the power of your imagination, then you know that everything you want comes from your imagination. You could own 100 cars, 100 homes, 100 tropical islands and still have $0 in your bank account.

  15. Do you know anyone who owns 100 cars, 100 homes, 100 tropical island and has 0 in their bank account? Dm when you grow wings to fly, you sound too delusional even for Neville's teachings

  16. "Here is a technique that makes it easy to encounter events before they occur – to “call things which are not seen as though they were.” People have a habit of slighting the importance of simple things; but this simple formula for changing the future was discovered after years of searching and experimenting.

  17. Im aware of that, im asking how to test it on simple things, especially if we cant imagine in SATS or imagine wrong things

  18. "I already said what I want (did soo many sats and affirmations and whatnot, changed my assumptions, self-concept) and the subconscious/universe/whatever already knows, I'm done repeating myself" - what is this? Is this sabbath or just frustration?

  19. Is this why im having difficulty? I keep trying to manifest motivation and inspiration so my day to day is bearable but maybe i should focus on the final result? Idk

  20. My manifestations seem to be very random. I don't seem to imagine the things I truly want and truly care about. I know Neville did, and others did, but when it comes to me, it doesn't happen. Also whenever there is a deadline for something, imposed by myself or 3d, the manifestation doesn't happen, even if I do visualizations and I am 100% convinced "I put in the work" and it should be manifested.

  21. "I can't seem to get past thinking that he will stay with her - who would want to give up such a fancy rich lifestyle by leaving? It seems like they will never break up"


  23. I'm from UK :) but still anyway, I have never seen anyone post something like that, and I figured two weeks ago this is exactly what I should choose for my SATs scene and you posting this just now... This is not a coincidence :)


  25. I think when people worship something then that's a religion, while Neville's teachings don't even say worship yourself, they say there is no god. I would say it's a religion if you consider atheism a religion as well.

  26. But what if you had physical evidence? What would they say then? If they knew you dreamt it and then got it? They would get jealous and would want to use the law too.

  27. No. I didn’t. I can’t recall if I imagined negative scenes though but definitely not positive.

  28. Hmm, then idk what you did to bring that manifestation :D I guess you made yourself miserable but never lost actual hope, people who feel certain they can't have something change their dreams and plans and redirect their attention, definitely don't spend two weeks wallowing in self-pity. You put 100% of your attention into getting there and what if you don't, maybe that determination and an attitude that you don't take no as an answer were enough to let it come.

  29. I once heard that if we manifest for others we need to be careful cause if they don't accept it, it will come back to us.

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