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  1. iPhones. The only thing I perfer over Samsung or other quality android brands is iOS. It’s stupid that a iPhone from 2019 was £419 last month

  2. The best bit was the iOS itself. Models done beautifully, camerawork is hella cool

  3. It’s bcs we’re having a good season and people want a reason to talk shit

  4. Brandon is so annoying man, you usa lot are tough as shit to go through like 9 years of that

  5. All good lmao. Don’t think he was being literal, needed a character that most ppl would recognise even if they wernt super fans of the show

  6. I’ve died of a heart attack. How many hours will pass until the doctors declare me dead?

  7. The fact we’ve done them a massive favour and they’re crying shows the care more about disliking United than liking Arsenal

  8. Such a frustrating and underwhelming career. We need to get him out the club as soon as we can.

  9. no let's keep him around on the huge wages because he really offers the team a lot!

  10. Dunno if you noticed the lack of Anthony martial today almost runied our game apparently

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