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  1. MND is horrible seeing how it changes a person so much so quickly. Hope Scotland win it for Doddie

  2. Amount of caps for each player. Didn’t know Zammit was on 19 already!

  3. Peep Show. Can’t rewatch it enough and laugh every time!

  4. So buggy on PS3. Frame rate drops all the time, graphics don’t render properly, quick time events don’t register, long loading times even during gameplay. That’s without the 7 times it’s froze or went to a black screen and just wouldn’t progress without re doing the same part multiple times. Great game but play it on PS4. This should never have been released on the PS3

  5. Wales have 12 games before the World Cup, with 7 of those being non-competition matches

  6. The warm ups should offer a bit of a challenge but mainly be about getting players minutes and game ready. What’s the point in playing three physical test matches against tier 1 teams and then having to play group matches against Fiji, Australia, Gerorgia and another match with barely any rest for our first choice 23 going into knockout rugby matches. A player who’s played 6 big test matches in 2 months is going to be fucked going into the quarter finals even without injury

  7. WRU so desperate to not lose out on those autumn home games. Should be a sell out and at least 60k there for SA. Great for WRU's accounts, potentially disatrous for the squad.

  8. As with all things WRU it always comes back to how much money they can make! No way this is good for the squad or morale before the WC!

  9. This was my first plat. It’s a fun game and one of my favourite Lego games

  10. Lego Marvel Superheroes or Lego DC Super-Villains are probably my favourite but this was a fun one. Onto Lego Batman 2 and Lego Movie 2 next!

  11. With Scott Robertson being Soldier Boy calling Foster a disappointment?

  12. If Wales had Beirne at 6 with Pivac we would look so much better

  13. Ireland wining a test series is New Zealand would be huge and easily the biggest upset. Only voted Wales due to the form of the six nations making everyone think a 3-0 SA win was coming

  14. Pretty much as expected. Thought Biggar might have been injured but it’s also Biggar who just seems to come back a week after injury all the time. More surprised that Dillon Lewis is starting after seeing his arm in a sling but two tightheads with 1 cap between them is a bit g ask against a full strength Bok team

  15. To be able to bring on Francis, AWJ, Navidi and Tomos Williams in the second half could really benefit us. We always seem to have a solid starting 15 and then can be let down by our bench. Hope North is in the same form at 13 as last years 6N pre injury and hell of a debut for Refell. At this point our back row has insane depth:

  16. I know some people have already seen it but as someone who hasn’t and is UK based I thought I’d share as this is the first I’m seeing of it being shown here! Surprised Sky didn’t get it

  17. Some Welsh players I can think of: Ken Owens (Scarlets - 16 years), Gareth Davies (Scarlets - 16 years), Alun Wyn Jones (Ospreys - 17 years), Josh Navidi (Cardiff - 12 years), Justin Tipuric (Ospreys - 13 years)

  18. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it but no luck with this particular bug. I’ve had a few others like the Endor chase not spawning stormtroopers but that worked after a reboot of the game.

  19. I miss the reliability of Parkes. Wales still haven’t replaced him two years later!

  20. I'd like SLH to get a run of games at 6. He's the big physical six Pivac is looking for, is far younger than Lydiate and is actually a 6 unlike Seb Davies. Failing that, Botham has never looked anything less than fantastic for Cardiff and incredibly physical.

  21. If Anscombe was even at 75% of the form he was in in 2019 he’d be straight in the team for me. No clear second choice and Pivac giving players 2-10 minutes at the end of games doesn’t help

  22. I went for Jenkins at 6 because I just think he should be in the team but he might be more suited to the bench with the ability to play anywhere in the back row. We just have too many quality players at 6-8.

  23. Was at the game and they said the attendance was just over 63,000 so over 11,000 unsold tickets. The cost and it being on a Friday night is a hard sell but feel like they would have sold out closer to the game if we were on for the title

  24. I wouldn’t be surprised if he does keep going but this does feel like he’ll get his 150th and final cap in Cardiff and then call it a day. Just feels like if he was planning on playing until the 23 WC that he would make sure he was 100% for the SA Tour or the Autumn games

  25. Did the commentator just compare that charge down to the Stander hip check versus SA?

  26. I thought the same. Shocking commentary

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