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  1. Only reason anyone under the age of 50 is buying these is to move serious amounts of drugs.

  2. Conversely, people who say "I like music" as if that's a unique personality trait. Do you also like food? I bet you like TV and movies, too.

  3. If someone says they like music I assume they appreciate it on a deeper artistic/technical level and may also play an instrument.

  4. I don't use DS anymore cuz the audios fucked and no one can hear me running anyway.

  5. Love Metallica but they've fallen off big time. hardwired was an alright album with 3 great songs, I'm just kinda hoping this album is the same.

  6. Illiterate eh? May explain you not understanding parts of the ending.

  7. Like the song but still not great. Like solid 6 which isn't saying much for the biggest metal band on the planet. I'm just hoping that this album has like 2-3 great songs like Hardwired did and I'll be happy.

  8. And people didn't believe me when I said the twitch drops player count explosion didn't ruin the game..

  9. Kazuya would definitely make training hell for you but you would be unstoppable if you stuck with it.

  10. No but Slayer has very Christian lyrics about killing people who don't worship our god which is probably one of the most Christian things you can do.

  11. T4 was my first ever videogame that I remember playing and it was like 2003/04.

  12. Not underrated at all. Definitely the definitive Rick and Morty episode. Probably would be the first one I'd show to someone who hasn't watched it.

  13. If they were your real friends they already know you're autistic and will just make fun of you for a while and move on.

  14. I do it because it lets me take a 5 minute break with a perfectly valid excuse everyone would agree with.

  15. People have endless amounts of charitability for male characters but suddenly forget all nuance when it’s Mikasa or Annie

  16. Not our fault the 2 well written female characters get written out of the story never to be seen again.

  17. I have a cat and perhaps in your perceptive hingsight if you thought about the fact she jumped from a tower and saved a cat, it is stupid. Perhaps think about what you say about people before assuming things about them. This adds to your equally moronic comment. As far as buried feelings go, let's make out if you're going to be so non-chalant about your feelings twinkle toes.

  18. Was in Belfast today and Alien Weaponry made sure to make a point how much better Belfast was compared to Dublin. Was only thinking it was typical you're the best stuff but apparently not.

  19. I just bit the bullet and kept going during the week. Was pretty rough.

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