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  1. The cure for methanol poisoning is ethanol so if you're making moonshine and you accidentally drink the wrong alcohol off the distill, you can just drink more of the right alcohol to fix it

  2. Hay homie <3 do you mind if I use this meme for my youtube video. Incase you want to reach me to take the meme out, my Channel name is "ScoobyDood". <3 and if you have a problem I'll politely fix it.

  3. As a Hog main, there is nothing more satisfying than finally landing hook on the Tracer that keeps escaping

  4. As a Tracer main it's always annoying when you get a good killstreak just to get hooked and one-shot by roadhog

  5. I think we have a similar vibes just I don't have colored hair that covers my eye and I wear a mask with a different design.

  6. i mean, i think i am but the hostages that i have in my basement that are playing saw games and the only reward is food think i'm not

  7. Green Day, simply because they introduced me to the punk world. Rise Against and The Interrupters are tied for a VERY close second, though!

  8. My favorite punk band is a tie between suicidal tendencies and black flag

  9. Burzum, really? I'm sorry but how can you like a band made by a literal racist and murder.

  10. His music is good. I don't share his views or agree on the things he's done. Don't ya think it'd piss him off if he knew one of his listeners was a bisexual femboy? :P

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