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  1. I'm only on day 6 and I feel ya!!! The exhaustion is the worst symptom, I was worried about my lungs due to my lifelong asthma but holy cow this exhaustion is brutal. I hate seeing my house so dirty, I'm doing the bare minimum but that's not like me, the dog keeps looking at his chain and then at me because he wants to go for a run, or wondering why we aren't going for a run. Usually by now after Thanksgiving I'd have the house decorated for Christmas. Right now I don't care. I'm also so emotional, someone I'm not usually. I broke down in tears because I tried to run the sweeper but couldn't.

  2. As I said, he's not normally like this. He was great when I had surgery in July and is when just I'm sick. But it's rare that we are both sick and both this sick at the same time. I can usually brush him off but I'm feeling so awful and emotional they are getting to me today. Plus, even back when I was a kid, I got sick, leave me alone, I'll be in my room. He wants to watch a movie, talk, etc and I'm like no I want to be by myself. Thanks for letting me vent

  3. My husband gave me covid so we had it at the same time and it is not something for two people who live together to have at the same time because you really can't take care of yourselves

  4. I'm just thankful our son is old enough to take care of himself. I could not imagine dealing with this and young children. Heck I'm ready to board the dog because I can't take care of him right now.

  5. Bought myself a new Galaxy watch. Traded in my old Galaxy watch so I got a good deal on the new one. Yeah that'll help me more than her "coaching" will

  6. Pineapple on fire... she must want us to make caramelized brown sugar cinnamon grilled pineapple.

  7. Yes, feels like someone is shoving an ice pick in there. But I'm predisposed to ear infections so I'm assuming something is setting up in there. If it gets worse I'll call the Dr Monday

  8. Do chicken legs stall? I'm honestly not sure. I have a Masterbuilt digital smoker to. When I do legs and thighs, when they hit the 160 mark I'll take them off the smoker and throw them on the grill, which is next to my smoker on high to crisp up the skins (learned that trick here) and sauce if needed/wanted. That extra high heat grill time gets the skins nice and crispy and gets them to a perfect temp. I've also seen people finish them up under the broiler.

  9. After testing positive last week, I noticed that I didn’t lose my sense of taste, but some things tasted really off. Food tasted too salty, coffee was too acidic, stuff like that. Almost like I was tasting some aspects of food/drink TOO much. So weird!

  10. I'm with you on the salty. Every thing I tried to eat today tasted extremely salty to me. I do not use salt

  11. The only thing I've lost my taste for is coffee, which really sucks lol

  12. Thank you for this. Been feeling sorry for myself all day, Thanksgiving is my favorite day of the year. My husband and I attempted to make the turkey, only because I had it in the fridge thawing before we got sick and I didn't want it to go bad. That in itself was a fiasco, and we did stuffing and a can of corn. Definitely not the meal I planned but everything tasted good (I didn't lose taste/smell)

  13. My husband started first, last Saturday. Got tested Monday, positive results back Tuesday. I started at 2:30 Monday night. I woke up (been sleeping separate since Saturday) and I felt like I got run over. Every muscle in my body hurts, especially my neck, shoulders and glutes. My son started around 5:30 Monday night. He thought it was just a headache until he got the chills. Now my cough is bad but getting productive. I've got asthma so my doctor told me to use my nebulizer more often if needed. Today I've got a sore throat, but it could be from all the coughing. Worst thing is I can't sleep. I'll sleep, wake up, look at the clock and 20 minutes will have passed.

  14. You might try taking melatonin? Lots of literature out there that it helps w/rest and coping with COVID in general.

  15. Me!! I’ve spent so much time avoiding it. It finally got me.

  16. Myself, husband and late teens son positive this Thanksgiving. Hubby started with symptoms on Saturday, got tested Monday, Tuesday morning mine and sons started, got the positive results back Tuesday night.

  17. My husband started showing symptoms last Saturday, I moved to the spare room. His dr sent him for testing on Monday, myself and our son (late teens) started showing symptoms on Tuesday morning. Hubby got the results back Tuesday evening that he was positive.

  18. I'm probably going to attempt to make at least the turkey tomorrow. It's been in the refrigerator since Sunday and I don't want it to go bad or refreeze it.

  19. Not alone, but my husband, myself and son are all sick. My husband tested positive on Monday. (his symptoms started Saturday), mine and my son's started Monday night. I am going to attempt to make a turkey because it's been in the refrigerator since Sunday and I don't want it going bad.

  20. Oh I know, it’s so unfortunate! I believe Meri is still in Lularoe. In one of the earlier episodes, Robyn talks about how they all work for a “marketing company”, which was how Kody got his new car. It’s very sad that they’re all so easily manipulated that they fall for this dumb shit.

  21. She has to have money somewhere or something. Didn't her house in Utah cost over $1 million? I don't know how they divvied up the TLC money, assumed it was family aka Robyn money.

  22. Someone posted something about Meri and LuLaRoe last week and I said the same thing. Christine and Janelle and a few of their kids have been doing Plexus for years. They are apparently in the top 1% as they went to Prague (I think) last year, had pictures all over SM about how wonderful the trip was and their Plexus bottle was in every shot. It's easy to make money and have a huge downline when you have thousands of followers and a TV show to promote it on. Not so easy for someone not in the spotlight

  23. While my coworker doesn't live in a house like that, they got in deep because they kept being told the more you buy the better of a chance you'll get the "in demand" pieces and other sizes then small. Every shipment she'd hope for something worthwhile and it never came. I'm honestly not sure what they did with her stock when the shit hit the fan and her husband found out how bad it was. She won't talk about it, and I won't pry

  24. It's my impression once they are bricked, the only thing they are good for is the trash. Guarantee this person tried to set it up, found out it was bricked already and that's why they gave it back to you.

  25. Is she married to a millionaire and doing this on her free time? That's the only way I can think of that making $500 a year is worth it.

  26. I mean I make that in 5 days house/dog sitting and I can do other shit while I’m there. And not bother people

  27. Exactly. I made that a month babysitting Friday and Saturday nights years ago when I was a teen.

  28. I think you can only initiate measurements from a widget on the Watch itself. You will need to add the SpO2 widget on the watch.

  29. Where do I find the widget? It's not listed on Samsung health or the list of widgets. W

  30. strange, the only thing I can think of is that your watch did not receive the update that enabled SpO2.

  31. Yep, got 2 myself today. A coworker doing a Scentsy party and my cousin doing a pampered chef. I just ignore the invite(s). A different coworker did a Pampered Chef one over the summer and now has most of the stuff she bought listed on marketplace.

  32. Also if you're making your own brine, make it the day before you cook so it has time to chill! Hot or warm brine on raw poultry is a recipe for potential food poisoning.

  33. Would it be ok making the brine on like Monday and letting it sit in the fridge? Trying to plan my week lol

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