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  1. Oh man bro. She's like 5 foot 3. Women are allowed to slap men sometimes. It wasn't even hard lol

  2. Costa made weight his last fight 🤷‍♂️

  3. Another user that doesn’t understand the difference between their home feed and

  4. Bought 1500 shares in Jan 2021 for like 7$ sold at 60$, not to time the top but to buy bottle service & party in Miami.. don’t regret a single choice

  5. Usman and Izzy deserve it for sure. Their next fight should be for the belt, doesn’t matter who holds it.

  6. Yeah I don’t think the immediate rematches are terrible, Charles isn’t getting one, but Izzy and Usman ran through the division & deserve rematches

  7. LOL.. you think Jones is EASILY going to become champ at heavyweight?

  8. He’s probably facing Nganou so technically 1 fight for the title at HW is an easy road to the strap,

  9. it's just the ol' TA astrology. We might still have an impossible-to-redefine-recession, but at this point, who knows what domino will start it all.

  10. Jpow & joe biden fist fighting in a Applebees parking lot over rate hikes is what will bring this market down

  11. Also Pereira may have a decent shot against Jiri.

  12. I actually like this, Alex fought some tough guys in kickboxing at LHW, I think he has a good chance against Jiri

  13. What is his goal with this genuinely, does he want a rematch? Like I don’t get the point of obsessing over it

  14. Has anyone acruslly ever gotten a refund from Robinhood like there’s gotta be one degenerate who finessed them on here

  15. I may be alone on this but I do love super teams tbh, years from now in hindsight it’ll be appreciated, seeing two or 3 greats team up will be appreciated one day, even in the super team era we’re missing great what ifs, like if Giannis and curry played together

  16. Market can’t stop raging when the McRib is back, not even googles earnings can stop the global economy when the McRib is on the shelf

  17. I really don’t think volk has a chance against Islam, Islam may be unbeatable if Olivera couldn’t do it I do not see anyone else doing it, top 5 lightweights who can handle that wrestling style? IMO none

  18. Saw a guy on stockwits go to the spy thread and tell everyone amc owns the spy once the short squeeze happens.

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