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  1. If you got any building , put some tint on thoose and put them on some armors stands ,do some decorating with them

  2. Imagine being the garchomp and being trolled with such way on a ranked , lol

  3. No meme here , you can earn some charms for you weapons on the end of the season , the highest your rank , the better the charm , and also you can get ansiety , crippling depression , suicidal thoughs , some headaches , and you will might need therapy later :)

  4. Tip : do at least the lightning boots , the tree for the boots are simple : Hermes / dune ryder / amphybious boots / frost boots + rocket boots = spectral boots Spectral boots + aglet + the anklet of the wind = lightning boots

  5. I started my first play through a week ago and got it from the 5th slime in my world. I didn't know it is that rare.

  6. To be honest , the slime who dropped this other staff was a pinky , soo the chance isnt that small

  7. A bit of idea for you : change the set bonus , put something slime-related , like jump on enemies deals damage , or jump higher or faster , or even better , it can be a summoner armor and give slime staff an upgrade

  8. Have you forgeted some campfires and heart lanterns? I dont see any on the screen

  9. I guess youre going right into the underworld and craft a molten pick

  10. U miss a chair , because when its night the npcs go to their homes and sit on the chair

  11. Tip: to kill wof with the star canon take at least 400 fallen stars , thats how i killed it on master mode

  12. Last one is dope, why dont you paint the car black so it looks more dope

  13. No make a course where the golf ball activates a pressure plate killing a bunny

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