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Russia has depleted its modernised equipment, military analyst says

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  1. Xbox controller input lag is still broken.

  2. It also causes other games to have the input delay, if you resume a game after running apex it causes the same lag, Xbox should step in ASAP.

  3. Horrendous input lag on Series X, almost unplayable.

  4. Yeah the input delay is horrendous, it's almost unplayable.

  5. The season starts in 5 hours. The download is to prevent the crash of the servers. Be patient

  6. It's bugged because of the early update.

  7. If eating too much fruit puts you into caloric surplus then yes you are...

  8. What is the upper level of vitamin D before it gets toxic

  9. You can't get vitamin d toxicity from the sun, the body will stop producing it when it has sufficient levels, the same can't be said for supplements though.

  10. I can't speak for him but don't use magnesium oxide, terrible absorption just a waste of money

  11. The hate for mag oxide gets echoed around here far too much. There's studies that show oxide is just as effective at raising magnesium blood levels and it's cheaper. A lot of people get terrible side effects from glycine and the other forms, whereas oxide usually has zero side effects for them.

  12. from 1 to 30 countries in a few weeks isn't exactly ''isolated'' though is it...

  13. FORD = Found On Roadside Dead

  14. In the UK it's ''Fix Or Repair Daily'' lol.

  15. Next they'll go Syria style and drive around in old Toyota trucks with mortars on the back lol.

  16. Yeah because there's only 64 players left...

  17. I’m not sure where you’re located, but don’t buy brand name, just get 1kg+ unbranded creatine Monohydrate. About $40 Aud, at 8g per day, roughly $115 for an entire year. Less than $10 per month, less than $2.50 per week. In American dollars almost half.

  18. If you start to ditch well reviewed and established brands for the cheapest available then you run the risk of buying something that is terrible quality and packed with fillers.

  19. Some leaked footage of a Russian elite spec ops unit training.

  20. … except that creatine from food sources is a tiny fraction of what is supplemented from the bottle daily. Not the same thing.

  21. I wouldn't say it's a ''tiny fraction'' if you eat steak and fish most days aren't you still getting a few grams plus whatever will be synthesised by the body and with 3-5 grams supplemented would make it around 7-8 grams total daily?

  22. You'd be better emailing support, include any images and dates of purchases, provide as much detail as you can and I'm certain you'll get it sorted, reddit won't be able to help.

  23. Why are you taking 4 scoops of protein powder?

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