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Fishermen rescue two girls who were swept out to sea

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  1. Keep giving CR your money...he will keep making more "ships"

  2. So…my ford doors won’t open anymore?

  3. Or someone is running a gang and knocking off those they don’t like

  4. Good, at least this racist will stop wasting tax dollars and hopefully can get counseling while serving time and be rehabilitated…

  5. Having fun with your Kim Bong Untin temper tantrum Russia?

  6. Comment section is riddled with bleach drinkers…downvote them all!

  7. Oh look everyone, it’s one of the bleach drinking magic dirt from Canada fake news people…I thought they didn’t exist anymore

  8. Alabama just wants to be as useful as Texas police

  9. Good, lock that shit up and throw away the key.

  10. Who wants to ride on one of Elons rockets? Feel safe?

  11. For a mortgage of $68 bucks a month I can own a ex-meth head house beat to shit and trashed for $13,000.00 in Arkansas…

  12. Sacramento Police love a certain elevator because it has no cameras in it.

  13. Countries make poor people, don’t educate them, then punish them when don’t know any better, welcome to a capitalistic society…until humans evolve past that (If ever) this will never change

  14. Only “game” In development I have an interest in.

  15. Warning: Video was posted on this site a month back of a man who swam out just a few feet from shore only to start drowning. Another man jumped in and tried to save him only to be drowned by the drowning man...they both died.

  16. Just wondering, if you are being drowned by someone that is drowning, isn’t it procedure to dive down instead of trying to stay afloat? I heard it somewhere but don’t know if it’s taught or just a wives tale

  17. My man! Ready for prison over 100 bucks worth of deodorant

  18. Typical women: I can kill you unless you fight back...then im the victim

  19. That produce man did the same thing a brave soul did in the New Zealand massacre when he to charged the gunman knocking him to the ground at the cost of his own life. By doing this it took the gunman off guard so much he retreated back outside afraid of what just happened.

  20. Out of all the people who "DIDN'T" help, it was the women who just put her hands over her face as the truck slammed into everyone. It was her who asked if the gentlemen was ok and helped over see him while keeping calm herself.

  21. West's net worth was valued by Forbes at 1.5 Billion dollars (Before it all began)

  22. So...which school dose this kid go to?

  23. If you draw 2/185 star systems your already 50% further developed for space exploration than CR is.

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