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  1. YTA, such a cruel and scarring thing to say. I hope this is fake. If not, idk what you can do to make up for it. Smfh

  2. When you go to court they may allow you to go to traffic school anyways. I was stopped for criminal speeding and had to appear in court, the judge lowered the charge so I was eligible to go to traffic school. If you explain to the judge as well as you wrote here, you will be fine.

  3. NTA. Go no contact with your jealous af cousin. You have found someone that’s really good for you, don’t let him ruin your relationship.

  4. Get a job or start charging him for everything you do. Personal chef, cleaning, running errands… google price in your neighborhood for every ‘domestic’ thing you do. Give him an invoice. I bet he shuts his mouth lol

  5. How about no one can make more than 100 times the lowest paid worker’s wage? No work arounds like stock options, buyouts, perks,etc. The real workforce doesn’t realize how much they are giving to the executives. They are too busy actually working!

  6. Got annoyed with my sis when I got the ‘k’ as a response and she said she was at work and used her watch to respond… no judgment yet

  7. I didn’t have this bs UNTIL I got older! So maybe yours will go away as you get older..

  8. You have way too much body coverage for Methotrexate. The side effects of that crap are awful. Get on a biologic instead. They freaking know what works and shouldn’t even be using those drugs anymore.

  9. I have BCBS and they make you try the cheap meds first. You need the best stuff immediately! Methotrexate slowed down my fingernail psoriatic issues, stopped taking it because I don’t want immune system compromised.

  10. Amitriptyline is what worked for me years ago for scratching myself bloody in my sleep from wool socks. Going to ask doc for some..

  11. What are the main triggers for most? I have had symptoms intermittently. This is weird and anecdotal but it seemed to get much worse after eating baby back ribs. This is interfering with my life bigtime plus it’s painful. Is it ok to take Imodium every day?

  12. It’s very strange they didn’t cash the check immediately, please update what happens. I keep thinking of the rental car companies reporting cars stolen and the customers getting arrested for their mistake. Make lots of copies of paperwork so you have proof if something happens. Get a dash camera and security camera for your driveway too.

  13. Looks like he knew exactly what he was doing.. even going as far as to hide his identity. Hopefully this will only speed up the process of indicting and prosecuting the fraud.

  14. Not a dam thing will happen to this ‘person’. Ruining thousands of peoples lives just so he can laugh about it makes me sick and sad. If you are desperate and shoplift food you will face way more consequences than the fraudsters who stole billions.

  15. Depends on what the original lease says that your sister signed and the state the apartment was in. Sister can’t be bound by the renewal just her mom signed, as she did not execute the lease renewal. The terms of the lease renewal may also benefit the sister.

  16. Arizona is the state. They sent lease renewal for at least last 2 years to mothers email. Sister has had no contact with landlord. Mother had always paid the rent. We will turn keys in on 4/30. Apartment is empty and clean. They keep saying my sisters name is on the lease so she is responsible even though she didn’t sign renewal and has never lived there or paid rent.

  17. This is child abuse and very upsetting to see, videoing and posting this is so awful. How can someone need attention this much? Malignant narcissist doesn’t even begin to describe this! Your children are not props!!!

  18. Constantly flaunting that tacky ring! And she needs a holistic hair coach immediately, I’m here LOL

  19. Go to @simonhuck insta, he is Phil Riportella’s hubby and has 650k followers. Since he’s married to the cofounder of snif he might want to know who they are doing business with.

  20. That talks about concerning behavior without saying what it was. It makes no mention of a drawing being a concern.


  22. That's a lot more than just a drawing of a gun. "thoughts won’t stop, help me”, “the world is dead” and “my life is useless" is what is really concerning.

  23. I agree, I think the drawing was the first thing they noticed maybe. I still don’t understand why they didn’t search his backpack if they were so concerned.

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