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  1. Hi there. You've made a good attempt. There are a few errors though.

  2. I'm just in Week 2, so not qualified to comment. But I am wondering, why ground beef in particular?

  3. Beef is the most preferred type of meat, because its fatty acid profile is better than poultry, and because it has a lot more minerals and vitamins! Well,not just beef, any runinants actually. And since I can't afford steaks/expensive cuts, I go for ground beef because its cheap af

  4. 1200 calories is near starvation for any moderately sized adult. Most people are just projecting their own nonsense on you hoping it sticks. You’re learning to listen to your body and that’s so important

  5. i knowwww. honestly, i don't really care if anyone wishes to calorie count or not, it's their decision. but nagging me about it triggers my old disordered habits and then i feel myself falling into the restrictions i've tried so hard to get out of. granted i'm 5'4" and about 100 pounds, so they feel the need to remind me i'm "small" and don't need that much, but idgaf if i'm hungry I'll eat till I'm satisfied.

  6. Proud of you…. Overcoming ED’s is such a nightmare when people feel the need to insert their opinion in your nutrition. Keep feeding yourself! You got this.

  7. God, so easy to hide behind a screen and mock someone for their problems, right? Joke or not, I really hope you do have some sense of decency in you to not ridicule a person for suffering again.

  8. exactly. nothing i do while bingeing makes any "rational sense," esp not the binge, itself.. i empathize a lot w OP, it really is uniquely challenging :(

  9. I understand that people who don't suffer from BED can't seem to comprehend the situation, and it's completely fine to ask questions about it, but I'm so shocked that some people have gone straight to mocking op for their problem.

  10. you've got this girl!!!!! trust me it is SO MUCH better when you stick to meat, veg and occasional dairy. i mean yeah a lot of stuff is "keto" but you're better off keeping them for special occasions xxxx

  11. My doctor prescribed me meds to kick start my period. Once my period started, I had to make an appointment for a cycle day 3 ultra sound.

  12. Oooo any side effects from meds? Or has it been okay for far? Also, does it just help with periods or other symptoms as well, because honestly all the acne and hair and weight is getting kinda embarrassing. I mean, I hate to admit it but it affects me more than I think it should.

  13. I only took it for 10 days! It doesn’t help with any PCOS symptoms. It just helps get your started for the month so doctors can see what’s going on with your ovaries.

  14. I mean, I work in kfc on the weekends, and literally that's what I do for my free staff meals. I go for thighs/drumsticks because they're the easiest to take the skin and breading off. And then I dab off the extra oil with tissue. Not the best but saves money considering that I'm a broke uni student 🤷‍♀️

  15. You don't owe anyone politeness. Even more so because him approaching you like that is rude at best.

  16. I think I was just caught so off guard I didn't realise what to do, so I went the normal polite way, nothing extra, just a small smile and short one word answers. But then when I did realise something felt "off" I stopped engaging in the conversation and tried walking away. Didn't work, because he kept on talking and trying to ask me more questions and as I said, walking faster to catch up.

  17. Your brain takes in way more information than you are ever conciously aware of. That feeling of someone being "off" usually happens when your brain picks up on some subtle sign that this person may want to harm you (their eyes zeroing in on you or darting around, the way they're standing, if they're getting tensed up, etc.)

  18. Yeah I agree. As much as I felt awkward and slightly guilty for instantly assuming that he didn't have the best of intentions, I'd rather be safe than sorry

  19. Personally speaking, these last 3 days I tried pushing fat up till 75-80%, and the few things I've noticed include getting satiated very very quickly, barely wanting food anymore, much more focused while working and the best part, I sleep SO SOUNDLY. its a big deal for me because in the last few months I haven't been able to sleep at all because of anxiety, and had to take meds, but this past week has been so surprising.

  20. I know. Its weird because some days it hits me other days I feel confident. But I've noticed the number of days I feel confident has increased, despite not being "as skinny as before". I don't know if it is the diet or something else, but I'm so glad for it.

  21. Nice you feel satiated then? Erm why do you slow cook your chicken ? To make it juicier or retain more fat etc?

  22. Oh no I just wanted the "fall of the bone" experience which is why I was fiddling around with different temp/times. Comes out great, plus if you cook it uncovered in the last 30 mins, the skin crisps up as well. And I mostly use thighs/legs/wings. Not a big fan of breast, too lean and chewy for me.

  23. I don't think it should trouble you that much! Caffeine bothers some people, so you can try removing it for a few weeks and see if you feel any better, and then reintroduce it if you don't feel any different. I personally have lost my taste for coffee (I used to consume way too much coffee before), but I still love drinking green tea.

  24. For special occasions, I recommend a Brazilian Steakhouse like Fogo de Chao or Texas de Brazil! Don't even bother with the salad bar and just let the chefs bring you infinite meat cooked to your preference.

  25. I'm going to Texas de Brazil for my birthday in a few days! Great choice for carnivore.

  26. I havent seen a Brazilian steakhouse anywhere near me but I will def search it up!

  27. Can totally feel you. I’m struggling to keep on keto/carnivore and my own wife is always shoving shite on me, bringing things she knows that I love but can’t eat. Think the better is to politely say no and say that if you eat it, you will fell sick and lose your progress.

  28. Aw man that's terrible! I hope she soon accepts the fact that you can't afford to give in. I think for my parents, the problem is they still see me as a kid and feel like they are still in charge of my decisions and I don't know how to go about without disrespecting them. Don't really blame them, it's because this WOE is so beyond "normal" they get worried for my health. I'm hoping once the positives are more apparent I can convince them that it isn't that bad after all

  29. I come from a shockingly similar family, prepping or even just purchasing food basically means "I love and care about you" and to decline is a NO NO NO.

  30. I knowww this is the only reason why I'm nervous about bringing this up to my parents, especially because I'm a "new" adult😂, and they still tend to treat me as a kid and expect me to let them influence my decisions. Besides I've always been the weird, socially awkward kid in my family so my relationship with them isn't exactly the best either... With friends and flatmates, I can be sneaky or joke about it or tbh, I just don't care what they think of me, but with family stuff does get a bit tricky. And when you've got a family who's religiously vegetarian and consumes HEAPS of white rice and flaatbreads it's even worse😂😂 The only good thing is that I'm going to be working full-time when I go back home, so most of my time will be spent outside and that makes me more in charge of my meals. Obviously one day I'll have to sit down and tell them about it but I really don't think they'll take me seriously rn

  31. I usually feel carb cravings in my intestinal area and hunger for fat/protein in my stomach since that's where those macro-nutrients are individually processed. If you're doing zero carb carnivore then ignore the intestinal cravings as they completely go away after some time as the old unneeded carb enzymes and micro-flora die off. If you feel the hunger where your stomach physically is, then eat.

  32. Oh that's interesting. For me, I feel a sort of combination of emptiness and pain in areas above the belly button, and I like to think that's when I'm actually hungry? Because no matter what I do it doesn't go away, I mean, I might get distracted for a while but it'll always come back. However, I noticed that these hunger pangs also arise when I may not actually be hungry, but some external stimulus has reminded me of food, for example, pictures or smell. And considering the fact that we're completely surrounded by constant advertisements of food (in addition to the fact that I work in a restaurant) makes it so difficult to understand whether I'm actually hungry or it's just all mental.

  33. It could be a signal that your body is lacking some micronutrients. Are you eating eggs or liver (or other organ meats)?

  34. I do eat eggs, liver I tried for a few weeks but not anymore, I couldnt stand it's taste. Maybe I'll try adding it in small amounts

  35. I know this wouldn't be ideal for exam time, but if this happens again (hopefully not from the same situation!), fasting can do wonders for resetting your system. I personally like water with a bit of gray salt in it occasionally during a fast. I always felt like when I'm vomiting or even nauseous that giving my body a chance to take a break helps immensely, even if I was feeling hungry at the same time.

  36. Oh yes I'm quite sure fasting would definitely fix it but as I said not eating for more than 10-12 hours does make me feel tried and irritated so I'm assuming I'm not that adapted yet. Besides this was the first month I got my period back and I'm just so so scared that it'll stop again so I just don't even try to fast and eat as soon as I feel hungry😅

  37. I'm glad you got it back! Did your exams go well?

  38. Ngl the weight gain has been absolutely terrifying, but humiliating as well, it's ironic how the only way to overcome anorexia is by first gaining weight. Literally the worst fear imaginable! But I'm a lot less bothered by it now, plus there's been no more weight gain so I'm gonna take is as a sign that everything is stabilising and if at all my body feels the need to shed some weight it'll do so by itself, I don't have to interfere at all🙂

  39. For chicken if you are worried you can do the toothpick test. Stick a toothpick in the thickest part and make sure the juices run clear. While inexperienced check at the earliest point when it might be done then at some regular interval, over time it'll become second nature.

  40. yep that's pretty much what I do! so far I'm alright cooking chicken, but when it comes to steaks I'm shit, which is why i just don't buy em. don't wanna waste something so expensive

  41. I highly recommend you incorporate beef or lamb into your diet. The nutrition in ruminants is far better than chicken, including the fatty acid profile. If you are worried about the cost of steaks cheap cuts are really good, better in many ways because of the added collagen from the connective tissue! They are also extremely simple to cook, just low and slow, either roast or braise depending on how you prefer the flavour.

  42. Oh yes I've found beef mince to be the best, because we'll cooked burger patties don't bother me as much as well-done steaks, plus they're cheap. It's been more than a month and I'm yet to be bored by burgers so I don't mind having them everyday😬

  43. what do you think of just casually inviting your new boyfriend to go grocery shopping with you?

  44. That has actually been the only plan I've been thinking would hopefully work! He's been supportive of getting me into better eating habits without totally knowing the extent of things

  45. please don't feel bad for wanting help. It's called a "disorder" for a reason, because you're unable to deal with it yourself. A person with a broken leg would immediately go to the doctor, instead of being ashamed that they aren't strong enough to support themselves. Your boyfriend, family, friends, etc, are all here to support you through this. Yes he may not know about this disorder but I can tell he wants you to feel better! we all want you to feel better! so initially, even if you do need extra help, what's the harm? It's pretty much like using a crutch for sometime until you feel healed enough to support yourself. Moreover, this might also help with the "not being responsible for your actions", because if he's involved you might feel responsible to him and this might motivate you even more

  46. Okay I'm so curious, if you were to read a sentence, would it have a completely different/combined taste as compared to individual words, or is it like a rush of individual tastes as you progress through the sentence? Also does the taste of words change with different sentences or context or do they stay the same?

  47. Ohmygod that meat tower sounds AMAZING🤤 I am gonna have to try it thank you soooo much for the recipes!

  48. I was sleepy for three months. My transition to carnivore and fully fat adapted was not easy. I was a total zombie.

  49. Ah well it's kinda annoying if I have a shit ton of work to do but I keep falling asleep😂

  50. Lol at this point I've recommended this one advice to WAYYYYY too many people but I do so because it works. For the first 2 weeks, everytime you wanna binge on sugar, stuff yourself up with whole foods. Vegetables, meat, eggs, fruits, yogurt, nuts, cheese, porridge, whatever. Just do it every single time you want to eat sugar. You'd be surprised how less you think about sugar when you've eaten till satiety and eaten whole nutritious food.

  51. A great idea, thanks! I’ll stock up on some nuts.

  52. No problem! I personally boiled eggs in bulk and kept them in the fridge, so everytime I felt like eating sugar, I'd just take a few eggs out, peel em and eat em. The good thing is that peeling slows down the process so you're really paying attention to your food and hunger, plus it's protein and healthy fats for satiation!

  53. Remember weight fluctuations are natural in life, you can possibly expect to stay the same forever! Right now, there is something stressing you and maybe your body needs that extra energy at the moment.

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