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I’m not anti-vaxx btw

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It's local election season in the US! Make your voice heard in state and local elections.

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It's local election season in the US! Make your voice heard in state and local elections.

How cat-tastic!

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  1. they...u talking about the charlie brown frown club or clowns with super soakers who would get them taken away and have their fuckin teeth bashed out with their own stocks?

  2. You better hope your aim is better than your English. holy shit lmao

  3. It probably isint, folks like him spend all their time gabbing at the range about their klan meetings than actually doing skill shooting, hence why they hide behind an AR which takes no skill to use and is shit.

  4. I own a 12 gauge pump action binelli nova7 with woodland wrap and three pistols and a .50 cal. I’m a dem voting bisexual leftist and I hope you choke on that red coolaid you stupid fuck

  5. What a gross and ugly attitude to have, Gives off female incel vibes, I bet she has a super hard time Finding a guy who will deal with her shit/ probably verbal abusive.

  6. This could actually be pretty cool. I guess we will have to wait and see

  7. Cus it’s SHiT! I said it when it first came out! Fucking idiots who bought it wasted their money

  8. Cut them off, and if they want to be a part of your life tell them they have to change

  9. No. Iv accepted bisexual as my label even if it doesn’t fully encapsulate the whore I am deep down inside. It’s pointless to spend too much time focusing on labeling yourself, I find that it dosnt matter and the important thing is to just live your life as gay as you want.

  10. Turks are pussies lmao, what cry baby shit, way to make your country look like a butthurt little baby.

  11. India’s politicians and government officials have the smallest dicks in all of existence it’s no wonder they are violent right wing losers.

  12. While I agree in principle, it’s just not worth it, the issue to me is, what if 10 customers per day did that? $1,569/year. Is that enough? Remember this is coming from your own pocket. At what point do you just say “No you jerk, pay what you owe or don’t engage in the transaction?”

  13. Putin can’t understand a lot of things, he’s getting up their in years we should start dropping nursing home plamflets off at his home

  14. When you, when when, when you did, have you, when when when you have you ever when wheeeeeen

  15. Since the AD gave the gun to Baldwin, he had the responsibility to check it per work safety rules.

  16. No. The armorer is responsible for the gun. And it’s operation and safety check, the armorer should have gone over safety with Baldwin and the entire crew.

  17. also the people who technically died of something else (pneumonia, "complications" ,etc) because the governors didnt want the covid death toll numbers so high on their watch

  18. “Honey, where did you get 4 pairs of limited edition Yeezys?” Octodad - “they fell off the back of a cargo ship.”

  19. No one wants to cancel him,Baldwin is a fucking champion and everyone can stand by his side, I say we go after the set armorer it’s her ducking fault that he had a live gun, thats a huge ball drop

  20. Way to late, let the poor people solve the issue first, or all die out. Ether way their greasy blood covered hands can’t be bothered.

  21. Some stuff gets auto deleted on report (based on some set of criteria I am unaware of, stuff like number of reports). Sometimes mods intervene, sometimes they don’t. No idea.

  22. Some mods here are biased and unfortunately do not actually get evaluated for shitty decision making.

  23. Unspecified as in they didn’t even bother making something up

  24. How long until the world sees the Chinese communist party for what it is? The Chinese people are a wonderful people with a rich and long history, however their current government is nothing more than an international crime syndicate that is as tyrannical as it is dishonest, the blatant human rights abuses, the absolute disregard for international law and the straight up continuous egging on of foreign powers by signaling their desires to launch an armed conflict to pacify their own gigantic sensitive ass ego.

  25. This fucking facist country needs to have its shit rocked by its own populace.

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