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  1. I am interested in these, is the outer layer waterproof?

  2. Thanks! I think they look really cool, which color is your favorite?

  3. They released new pairs!!!!!! And continuously release new pairs!!

  4. Any cute colorful FURRY ONES? in pink or purple??? πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½

  5. Do you really try to rotate them all.? Or is it like a Croc museum with a few pair you rock.?

  6. I wear multiple different pairs a day depending on the situation so I do try and rotate through them all!!

  7. Nah, she has a counter and she only has 130 something lmfao not even remotely close

  8. Definitely fake. This pair came in a box and goes for a few hundred

  9. That’s what I was thinking and I’ve never seen black with a white strap

  10. And black isn't even out yet and it comes with a black strap when it drops lol

  11. Perfect fit with the feet and toes, then get looser at the ankles/going up the bottom of your leg. I think this was designed specifically to allow airflow and allow you to stuff your pants/leggings in without a struggle. They are definitely super comfy and add at least 2-3 inches of height with the platform bottom. I recommend for sure

  12. These were still a available when I looked however no women’s sizes available. I was devastated. Same with the black and white ones.

  13. You're thinking of a different pair than what's on Crocs website! These were a Footlocker exclusive and sold out in minutes a couple weeks before the release of the other 4 pairs that came out. They are amazing for sure, thank you

  14. Nope these. Foot locker exclusive for $150. Only released in men’s sizing a not women’s at all.

  15. What size women's do you wear? Cause they're unisex lol so a men's 8 would have been a women's 10 and so on

  16. Just ordered my pair!! Does the netting stretch enough to allow for the jibblets to go through without any damage?

  17. It does but it's very hard to do. Takes a lot of patience and steadying of the hands lol

  18. Damn looks sweet and love the combo. What socks you repping?

  19. Crocs socks!!! Their socks are really great quality too!

  20. They are definitely mistaking this color for another color. This looks like a super light blue, which definitely is not out yet

  21. They just came out today and I ordered of them and I'm super stoked for them to arrive!!

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