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  1. Wrong comment anyway no, you said it was luestic I said it was albino, for reptiles albinism is different do to their different bodily structures. Generally you can tell if a reptile is albino by red eyes, but there are exceptions depending on incubation temperatures like chocolate albinos.

  2. Chocolate Albinos are still leucistic because they have brown coloration, which is impossible if you have melanin in your skin. Albino is used as a name for a lot of leo morphs that are leucistic because it rolls off the tongue better.

  3. Chocolate albinos are a rare mutant when a leo with albinism are incubated at low temps, leustic animals do not have problems with light, albinos do. Reptiles in particular can have carotenoid which give the yellows, red, and oranges which is not affected by melanin (same for most non-mammals

  4. Or a snake which covers all three! Although probably not the way OP wants to incorporate rodents TBH

  5. Ye, water snakes for reptiles/aquarium, and they eat rodents. Or you could have a water snake and a pet mouse.

  6. It's an unfortunate side effect of anthropomorphizing animal relationships and emotions. It's this disney-esque idea of predator and prey animals having the potential to get along in a fairy tail situation that's safe for everyone. Unfortunately, it's a hard myth to kick. Everyone thinks it's possible because everyone wants to believe that their animal is special, and they're continue to believe it until something goes catastrophically wrong.

  7. That is very cat-astrophic , when we got my brother's first leopard gecko (I mostly cared for it) we went to get a stronger lid because the cats where messing with the exo-terra one, when we came back the cage was broken and all that was left of the gecko was a tail and body parts strewn across the house. It hurts me to this day and I will never forget wheat happened. We have since gotten another leopard gecko but leo will always be with us. This all happened around 5 years ago.

  8. I'm sorry to hear about that. I hope you can rest assured that you at least tried to take the proper precautions. I'll never shame someone for a particularly clever cat or a faulty cage, but it really bothers me when people intentionally introduce their predator pets to their prey pets because they think it might be "cute"

  9. Yep, we thought it would hold, in a few days we got a lid in his honor, also for the new gecko, we forgot the lid when we went to the pet shop that day. Even worse I was inexperienced and could not tell hookfang had parasites from the breeder, so 5 months later I lost my dragon. Now I have toothless and echo but it hurts to think about my two lost babies. Leo had icy blue eyes, he also had purple, white, and intricate black markings. Hookfang was fire red.

  10. Indeed, when Jesus says narrow gate he is saying the only thing we can actively do to help ensure our salvation is be better catholics, not that most people go to hell.

  11. It's a lazy joke. LGBT = aids. This sub wouldn't be finding this funny if it was a muslim's are terrorists joke, which is pretty shit too.

  12. Eh, I can laugh at that. Personally I do not like mocking the lgbtq group although i do not support it. As long as something is a lighthearted joke, and not a blatant mocking its fine. Like the meme about the Arabian airforce being rocket camels. As someone who is Arabic I can laugh at that. What is life without comedy.

  13. lol, I made a dumb post about this that I deleted, the mods... were rightfully not approving.

  14. I know, and the worst part is he doesn't answer any question, just tries to avoid them.

  15. Quick thing religion has killed WAAAY fewer people than atheism. In fact most wars attributed to theism like ww1 and ww2 are said merely due to the fact that most fighters were religious, when the nature of the war was not religious. That is similar to saying that if an Asian man and nd a Latino man fight each other it is due to racism.

  16. Wait what, people seriously attribute WWI and WWII to theism? Seriously?

  17. yes, they say that since most of the people who fought in it were religious, then ergo it was a religious war. 85% of the wars attributed to theism, including the ones with the most bloodshed were not done for religious reasons, or in the context of the crusades it was a bit religious but mostly due to the Muslim armies enslaving and killing peaceful Christians and Jews on pilgrimages to the Holy Land.

  18. It's not a religion I would agree, because religion is a set of practices to commune with the divine (or supernatural at least), and thus it is more correct to call it a 'worldview'.

  19. I actually said that it is an ideology which is often used in place of religion. They subscribe to ideologies instead as a substitute, like communism which is not a religion but treats the state as some sort of all-powerful entity.

  20. Atheism is defined as a world view.

  21. They didn't even have a chance to sin. Can they not be in heaven?

  22. I am a catholic, we cannot speak on one's salvation other than the saints

  23. We can speak on such matters with hope and trust in His Mercy.

  24. I've personally met a lot of people with flairs that I very much disagree with, but in the end, the preservation of innocent lives is more valuable than other issues to me and many others.

  25. Caio, do not know how to put username flair but I am catholic and republican.

  26. Go to the main subreddit page. Hit the 3 dots button and then hit change user flair.

  27. Lol simple, it takes 2 to tango so neither of them should have sex. It punishes both if they did not want a child.

  28. I reeeaallly want a cave gecko I haven’t been able to find any in my area yet tho but I’m def keeping my eyes peeled

  29. I would start you own post, your question may not be answered when post hijacking. Also basking in sunlight indoors is not healthy, they need the proper indoor equipment.

  30. Yeeted the red light. I couldn’t stand it at all for the 4 hours it was there so I bought a different bulb. Got a 36x18x18 on the way. I was told that “fancy” also means normal so that’s why I mentioned that. Thank you so much for your help!

  31. No fancy is a random morph, meaning they pull one out of random which can lead to you getting a really expensive one for really cheap. Instead of a bulb I recommend a deep heat projector. A uvb bulb and low wattage LED should give it all the light it needs. It is not an albino morph.

  32. I agree. In-universe, the US military would be doing absolutely nothing wrong by defending themselves from an alien invasion, but we have to look at it from an out-of-universe perspective too. Portraying the US military as a group that defend from invasions rather than a group that invades would be inaccurate and misleading.

  33. Ehhh not really, the US generally does not conquer nations. We did take land from Mexico when we were figuring out the borders of our nation and the whole of North America was chaotic. Other than that we bought all of our territories.

  34. they cannot, but they can be a genetic mutant and have both make and female genitalia.

  35. interesting query hmmm, well as a male I could not have a kid that way lol. Also I do not think birds can get pregnant like that, most lay their eggs after 4 weeks (lil bird joke cause of my name).

  36. Me: sick, disabled, nonstop calamities in life, still thankful, still rejoicing, still faithful.

  37. Atheist: Yeah but clearly you are only praying bc you need copium, jeez you should be a free thinker like me. Religion is clearly just a coping mechanism for the pain in life, lolololol. hahahaha SkY DAddY.

  38. I just realised you are the OP...... In which case if you have seen the video, why in the hell are you wondering if cats and monitors can free range safely?....... I'm presuming that's what your question is? I mean you framed the post as though there is a question, but you didn't say what the question is?

  39. The question was could an argus attack a cat. A perentie and an argus are two very different species as perenties will kill things they cannot swallow and tear chunks out of them, argus do not, they attack things within the range they can swallow whole. Also if the biggest ever perentie was 8 feet and 45 lbs that means a 4 footer would be around 22.5 lbs which could kill a cat so you are correct.

  40. Probably a bit less - perhaps 12-18lbs might be more like it... They aren't only growing in mass in two dimensions... They get taller limbs and wider bodies too...

  41. You’re talking about having a meat alternative.

  42. Insects are just as nutritionally complete if not more than traditional meat. Insects are meat, meat is any part of an animal eaten for food.

  43. This enclosure would work for the mini arboreal geckos like mourning geckos, it could also work for mantises, other mini arboreal lizards no more than 3 inches total body size (nano tall). For the nano wide, maybe a Vietnamese floating frog or two or possibly a mini ground gecko species. I would go with a 12"x12"x12" for most of them though as it is nearly the same price.

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