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politicians house ransacked and burnt -colombo, Srilanka

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  1. i just dont want ICE carrying me away :/

  2. Nobody is gonna call the border pigs on you unless it's employment related. Best of luck and fuck ICE.

  3. Everyone’s come in hot with the negatives, but I’ll give you one positive: less meth!

  4. It's really too bad because when Serena owned it it seemed great. Definitely gone downhill

  5. Gallatin county GIS maintains a Clerk and Recorder map. You can select your parcel and it will bring up whatever documents they have for your parcel. Most likely you would be looking for the Plat map.

  6. Yep this is solid. Also a great GIS specialist named Lin at Gallatin clerk and recorder. Super helpful.

  7. Do this ride at least once a year. Three Fork (via dry creek or anything other than the interstate, Highway 2 to Butte (fun road between Whitehall and Butte), turn around and come home via Twin Bridges/Ennis.

  8. It’s a long day but I’ve gotten up early, ride to red lodge and take the bear tooth highway, lunch in Cody. Then either go back through the park or return the way you came. I’ll also ride down to quake lake and either comeback the same way or return via ennis. Ride up to white sulfur springs and take hwy 12 across to Helena. Lots of good riding out here. If you haven’t found it yet there is a local group called 406 riders on Facebook.

  9. Great ride! I love that route. OP since you just got a bike, ride with a group and practice your riding. I'm down.

  10. Lol why do you want to kill your unborn kids so much? "Right wingers" and basically anything to the right of the far left (including libertarians like myself) simply want to protect the voiceless lives of humans that you spawned from being scrambled up by your immoral doctors who convince you that's the only choice. Nothing ironic about it, simply put, we care for human life more than you.

  11. "Libertarians" shouldn't want the government in their business or in anyone else's regardless of their own beliefs. Try again bud. You're anything but.

  12. Overturning RVW removes government authority, try again bud.

  13. SC opinions that set legal precedent are usually the least "government" you are gonna get. Now we get all the patchwork of poorly written garbage from every "small government" republican state legislature in the country. Many of those laws are complicated, overreaching and often unconstitutional, resulting in years and decades long legal challenges...with your tax dollars. Glad we can all be like Texas soon where laws will encourage you to report your nieghbors to the gestapo...

  14. It’s providing internet to areas that have barriers to access. Whether you like him or not, that is a positive thing.

  15. Maybe he will build an astronomy and astrophotography platform in space to help out the ground bound folk. Has anyone ever asked him?

  16. It's a lot more complicated than that. We just launched a L2 located deep space instrument that took 20 years and 10 billion dollars to make happen. There are a lot of different ground based systems that are necessary and have vastly differing arrays/systems including ones we need to detect NEO and potential threats. Glad we will all have high speed internet to watch the asteroid come in in high def 8K. Also you can't shoot stuff like this from space. Kinda sucks having little Lazer lines all over the place from satellites....

  17. The employees they did have had about 2 brain cells combined anyways

  18. That's not fair. I get what you mean, but the only thing we should be shitting on low paid service workers is not knowing thier own worth and not organizing thier workplace.

  19. I don't know why this is getting downvoted. I do DD as a side hustle to my salaried job with benefits. Mostly to pay off med bills. I average 22-24 an hour after fuel and depreciation, although my car has been owned for a decade and is a shitty 22 year old beater. I don't factor true "depreciation" but I do subtract .25 cents per mile after tax liability and milage deduction that I use for repairs and maintenance. TBH I do most of my own easy repairs, brakes, fluids and suspension, plugs etc which many folks don't do and that does cost money. If you are a little handy and smart about it you can make decent money. My insurance is also about 28 a month with very high liability, uninsured motorist and injury. If the car gets totalled oh well, but I'm covered if I screw up someone else's ride. The only time it really sucked was a double flat from a nasty pothole. Weekend earnings gone....

  20. "Tire World" on Mendenhall is outstanding and reasonably priced – and as they might have one of the last Vulcanizer machines left in Bozeman, they can make repairs that other tire shops will outright refuse

  21. I second tire world. Sean and his family are so kind and generous they do quality work and don't try to upsell you on bullshit you don't need. A+++++ best in town. The mendenhall store was closed for a while due to staffing but the one in 4c is open for sure.

  22. Push the bastards back in, and under. Fuck em all. After last weeks supreme court nonsense I'll line up to toss a couple Bibles, Torahs and books of Mormon in the fire with the Koran. Those religions are all a stain on humanity.

  23. Good for him. Sometimes adults need kids to point out how stupid they are being. How's this for a gender reveal party: go to the doctor as a couple, they tell you the gender (if you give a fuck) and then you go home and tell whoever you want...or not. Fucking stupid shit....

  24. Haha funny when I saw your comment I thought go eat shit conservative bootlicker

  25. It hasn’t always been a dog and animal town?

  26. Still gotta be careful with that, age and familial status are and a case can be made that students fall into an age bracket or familial status and that you can’t refuse to rent to them out right. Regardless you never put this in a listing, you can deny them for low credit or past rental references but you can’t outright refuse to rent to someone like this.

  27. Yep. Let's say you had an ailing parent and your spouse were looking for a place for all three of you to live, a smart lawyer could sink thier teeth into that. College students aren't a protected class, but besides being some problematic, pretentious yuppy bullshit, that language is potentially discriminatory.

  28. I like your mentioning boulder/Jackson. I was looking there earlier and there’s nothing for under 700k (more or less). I believe everyone just lives in driggs and works in Jackson.

  29. It already is, not disagreeing with you but most working folks in Bozeman are completely priced out already not to mention the inventory issue.

  30. Celebrating mothers day by whining about not having enough options to opt out of motherhood. Stay classy Bozeangeles,

  31. That's on the Dasher. He took that action. If you take an order expecting some magic "extra money" because tony says the actual total be more than what's shown you're a jackass. What the total says is what you're going to get. Hidden tips aren't real.

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