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  1. This is my thinking all along. The kids are getting older. How will she explain this?

  2. I wonder too. But she doesn't think things out; she just wants to believe no one will notice. Like how years ago she went to Spain for a week, and came back with an accent and assumed no one would notice.

  3. I mean, people like Caroline Rhea and Michelle Who and Peaceful Barb see this garbage and are like, "Yeah, I'm going to show my support"?! Not that they're not a sad bunch. But how anyone could see how these children are treated, and not be horrified... it's disturbing.

  4. When you think it’s a standing ovation when people stand to leave.

  5. Maybe Alec is making her work. Maybe it's finally dawned on him that he's paying a ton for several nannies to do ALL the work while his wife lolls around taking selfies and going out all the time with her paid friends. That she's not there for him in times of trouble (she refused to go to New Mexico after the shooting, despite his pleas; she wouldn't go to his mother's funeral in the same state she lives in!). That she mocks him and is utterly useless.

  6. I love how she acts like Alec just exudes animal magnetism - as he shuffles slowly along, bent over, with eye bags and liver spots...

  7. You know she never posts about the holiday meal. We saw them with grapes and cheese at a guncles for Thanksgiving - but what was the meal? Don’t think we’ve seen anything past years with posts or pictures of the big holiday family meal. That’s a big part of the holidays to get together and share a meal - what was cooked, what turned out great, what was a fail (as sometimes the turkey maybe dry or the mashed potatoes were pasty). But nothing from these 2 sharing the big family holiday dinner table, gathering around, the prayer, the story about the turkey was still somewhat frozen, the stuffing sucked, nothing joining Alec’s siblings for a holiday - just nothing from this bunch of Baldwinitos

  8. This has always struck me too. Seems like those things would be the best part of having a big family. And for someone like Hilz who wants to capitalize on those kids, seems like a big dinner photo would get better attention than yet another pic of a kid with upside-down sunglasses. But Hillary is just that astronomically lazy and detached, has no sense of family, and Alec just wants to be alone in his apartment. So that’s that.

  9. I guess the kids' choice to do school work is either sitting in one of the bunkbeds crammed in, or the floor. I mean, why would a multi-milliaire buy his school-aged children a desk?

  10. That is terribly uncomfortable - not to mention unsafe! - for that poor baby. How could that “work her back muscles”. Larry just made that up. Oh and that’s the same outfit the “baby” in the carrier was wearing the first week.

  11. Besides being a terrible dress, she doesn't have the height for it. I don't get why she'd highlight how blocky her waist is, and from the front it looks like pockets are hanging out. She's so enamored with herself, she doesn't see reality!

  12. The "10-week-old" may have been up all night, but Hillary wasn't up with her - the nannies were.

  13. I’d rather “scroll” too than try to converse with vapid Larry. And Larry, you’re not a teenager. Almost 40. Have some dignity.

  14. Just trashy. Can you imagine what people there are thinking about these clowns? He’s proudly proclaimed he feels no guilt for killing Halyna. Hills rolls in with a velour dress with cutouts in December, plastic ponytail lighter than her real hair, and shrill nasal voice with fake accent. I know he paid to be there but if it hasn’t dawned on him yet how embarrassing this charade is, it never will.

  15. I mean the ponytail is a completely different color! I think I saw extensions like that at the dollar store.

  16. She brought out the Real Doll for this fuckery. But can you imagine being BK - he must be well paid to put up with this insanity.

  17. I really do hope it's the doll and she left the baby at home. But if I was Burger King I'd move far away and change my number.

  18. i guess the crew of nannies with the other 6 kids couldn't watch this one too. Between the inappropriate, fake display exploiting that innocent baby, and Larry's bare feet above the absolutely filthy slippers, I've got to wonder if even Burger King has his limits.

  19. Where’s Marilu’s black eye? Did Hillary film this before ML got injured and that’s actually how she got injured?

  20. I don’t understand how she thinks going out every night with 7 kids including a baby at home doesn’t look bad?

  21. It's unreal! For someone who wishes she was a mom influencer... her supposed target audience can't relate to someone who constantly ditches her kids, all day and every night!

  22. Even if this had actually happened, it would be nothing to be proud of. For even a toddler to know SHE isn't going anywhere with her mother, but that the phone will be top priority. And why does she need to say goodbye to the kids? She doesn't work; stay home for once!

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