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AITA for leaving my babies inside by themselves

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  1. I love making my 11 month old break her latch because she's too busy smiling or laughing at me. It usually involves an assortment of funny faces and/or sounds but my goodness is it wonderful to see her little face just light up and hear her giggles. Even if my nipple is still in her mouth 😂

  2. It's so good! It feels like these cheeky secret smiles that are just for me 😊 She loves sticking her hands in my mouth and pretending to bite her fingers. Man she's so much work but she's just the best

  3. I had some very mild nausea up until the next day but was able to eat right after delivery. I had lost a lot of weight but put it all back on without much trouble. It also had no impact on my ability to breastfeed. I still had to deal with recovery from birth but my baby is nearly 11 months now and I haven't vomited at all since and the nausea didn't last long either, thank goodness!

  4. I read this as "kissed" and got very confused but now I want to put a puffer fish in the luau stew....

  5. I'm in Perth and the last month or so we've mostly just been dressing our baby in a singlet and a nappy. She was born last March in Sydney and for the first couple weeks at least she was almost exclusively in a nappy and a light muslin swaddle. This info graphic might be helpful for you as well.

  6. All places should be required to have changing stations in both men and women’s restrooms. If they don’t, then a family restroom needs to be designated with one. If I was the woman that walked in I would have just waited until you were done changing the diaper. It takes what, two minutes tops?! Also, the manager should have held the door open for you until you were finished and let other women know that you were simply in there to change a diaper.

  7. I'm in Australia and every single disabled access toilet I've ever been into has a change table. We also have parents rooms in most shopping centres that even include a toilet that has both an adult and child sized toilet in the same room. It's such bullshit that people are treated this way. I'd be fine seeing a dad with a child in the women's toilet just as much as I'd be fine seeing a person with a disability using the parents room. I'd much rather a man come into the women's toilet than leave their child in a dirty nappy.

  8. I had hyperemesis and had to take zofran so it was pregnancy constipation AND zofran constipation. It was so painful to even SIT on the toilet let alone try and poo. I permanently have movicol (soluble fibre sachets) on hand now cos I'm terrified of it happening again. Thankfully the painful hemorrhoids went away after birth and all the fibre I'd been taking meant that the first after birth poo was a dream. Best I'd had in MONTHS

  9. Where approximately are you? Husband wants to do a garden edge thing out the back with guttering sunk into the ground and filled with stones like that…

  10. I'm in Perth and was thinking of putting these in my front garden bed. How many square metres coverage over stones do you have roughly?

  11. I keep meaning to measure the beds but haven't gotten around to it. At a very rough guess I'd say around 10

  12. Accidentally placed a mega bomb in my shed with all my casks and preserves jars. All of them blown away! That totally warranted a re-start of the day

  13. I did this once with a bunch of iridium sprinklers. I'd just upgraded my axe and seen somewhere that you could use bombs to clear trees and also till so I figured it was worth a shot. I did not realise that it would destroy my sprinklers and not just displace them 😂

  14. The newborn stage really sucks and you are absolutely not alone, nor does this make you any less of a parent. With my baby I knew that I loved her and I had a very strong sense of needing to protect her but I never had that rush if love. She felt like a lot of work and it was exhausting.

  15. As a breastfeeding mum I think this is a HILARIOUS story. It's not something that I would film or even post publicly about but I would absolutely tell my friends about this 😂

  16. Who wouldn't wanna steal ice cream that never melts?

  17. She has other symptoms and is obviously unwell, it's the most responsible option to keep her home. Not just for her own well-being, even though this would personally be my biggest reason, but to prevent whatever she's got from spreading to other people. A low grade fever is still a fever, especially with the other symptoms. I hope she's feeling better soon ♥

  18. 8 months is am AMAZING effort and I hope you're feeling super proud of yourself even though it's getting on top of you. It's absolutely okay if you want to stop and it is NOT selfish at all. It's okay to put yourself first and that's probably going to end up being best for your whole family. If you're in a better positional mentally to look after and enjoy your family, that's only a good thing.

  19. I actually found breast milk and air was best for mine and they healed pretty quickly. Hope yours feel better soon!

  20. I agree with this. I tried using lanolin but found that it was too thick and sticky and I really didn't like it. I did end up also using a different nipple balm that was made with plant oils like coconut and some other ones that was much smoother and nicer to apply. Ultimately breast milk and air plus some small adjustments to correct our latch was the big winner for us.

  21. Probably put a big ol vegie patch at the back there and them a nice flower garden in front of it to attract pollinators and also just be pretty as fuck

  22. Nah put an orchard in the back because they need less attention. Veggies and herbs closer to the house because the more you use it the closer it should be to where it's being used. Depending on council regulations I'd also get chooks!

  23. You've got a shit tonne of comments so I'm sure this has already been said but it's not as if pain relief is an epidural or nothing. There are plenty of other things you can try beforehand both with medication and without. I had a very quick labour and quite simply did not have time for pain relief but I was very clear with all my medical team that I wanted to try other methods before an epidural so you're absolutely not alone with that. Epidurals (like anything really) carry their own risks and I also wanted to have a positive breastfeeding experience which opiates can sometimes disrupt.

  24. NTA and you're absolutely doing the right thing. You're right there and can see and hear them. As parents we need to regulate ourselves before we can regulate our babies. As long as they are in a safe space, sometimes it's the best thing for EVERYONE for a disregulated parent to step outside for a few minutes. Babies are hard and your fisnce had no right to talk to you like that, chat with him about it later he might have just panicked when he heard them crying. You're a great parent, OP. You've done nothing wrong. Honestly we've all been there at least once.

  25. That’s perfect then haha. Sometimes I forget that Australia isn’t the only country to use Celsius

  26. As a fellow Australian I also saw 24+ and thought it wasn't going to be a very varied blanket 😂 I love the colours OP!

  27. It’s from Western Australia. Western Australia may as well be a different country compared to eastern Australia.

  28. Lmao that's a fact! I know it as Cape leeuwin wattle and it's not an acacia, which is what most of the plants you think of as wattles probably are. It's native to the SW but invasive in other parts. I definitely remember pulling the seed pods apart as a kid. But yeah we're pretty weird over here with our yogo and our spearmint milkshakes 👍

  29. 🫢 here I am feeling guilty about buying one pack of disposables to try at night.

  30. Even if you only use one cloth nappy a day, that's 365 disposables you're saving from landfill a year. Don't feel guilty! Any difference is a good difference, you gotta do what works best for you 😊

  31. Oh my love, you're allowed to be sad even if you had terminated. You don't have to justify your feelings one way or another, they are real and valid either way. It's still a loss and you are allowed to mourn that loss and the ideas that went with it. Definitely reach our and speak to a therapist if you're able to. You are not alone, you don't have to be quiet about this. Seek support from your friends and family as much as you can. You only need to disclose whatever information YOU are comfortable sharing.

  32. We usually just open all the doors and blast the aircon for a few minutes. I'm not really sure what else you could try, maybe a white piece of fabric to try and reflect any direct sun? But as the car heats up the seat will too so I'm not sure how effective it would actually be.

  33. I'm currently in the hottest bath I can handle because I think i have food poisoning and it's the only thing that is making my skin not hurt. Husband has taken the day off work and is keeping our baby as entertained as he can because she only wants mum but I'm too sick to look after her. Even if I'm just having a day where I'm tired or overstimulated he's always happy to jump in and take over to try and give me a break. I think if he could breastfeed our child we would be about as close to 50/50 parenting as you can be with a velcro baby

  34. Whatever cheese you go with, buy a block and slice or grate it yourself. Do not buy pre shredded cheese. They are coated to prevent the individual bits sticking together and it absolutely will affect the taste and meltabiity of the cheese.

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