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  1. I got eight of these (thinking of getting more). Can't wait until they start blooming, this is so pretty!!

  2. We aren’t scheduled to close on our new farm for another 18 days. My lettuce and herb seeds arrive tomorrow. If anything goes wrong with this sale ima be growing ALL the things in this damn condo.

  3. Replace vegetable with tomato, and that's me.

  4. I did this as a kid, but indoors. They broke through the ceiling lol and my dad just thought it was cute.

  5. So you need to think of the layers these plants will be occupying (both above and below ground) to decide how many you can fit.

  6. You won't need to bring the nopales in during the winter. Opuntia humifusa is very winter hardy - I have some growing in a dry sandy spot in my yard, that's about 4 years old, and I'm in a colder zone than you. They turn red and flop over in the winter and then perk back up in the spring. Plant it somewhere where it won't be a pain to work around and it'll be just fine.

  7. For nutrition other than fruit/berries I was considering Gingko because I've bought the seeds? IDK they taste more like beans mixed with carbs to me. Just trying to figure out how to sex them first. In that case I'd get four and then get rid of them as needed for a good sex balance. Also, we have lots of sweet potatoes and zucchini planted.

  8. I’m going to keep mentioning this until I hear of at least one more person doing it...

  9. People here know it, but Nuka or nukazuke are made in a bed of moist rice bran and salt. It’s a lactoferment.

  10. Yup! I just started a Nuka bed. Excited to see how it goes. Koji is just awesome all around. I'm excited to try Aronia berries with amazake since alone it's a bit too sweet for me. It's also fun to just use amazake as a sweet seasoning sauce.

  11. I started my day covering some more of my grass with cardboard and soil to expand my sunny bed. My neighbor looked on in dismay. My anxiety gets in the way but I'm trying to embrace jutst how different my garden is in a street of endless lawns.

  12. The thing with this is learning to change the/your narrative surrounding yards and lawns. I still have a TON of work to do but I can go out and get a lot of my fruit and veg fresh whenever I want it. Having it be native stuff means that I don't have to put much work in after getting it started.

  13. What's the female equivalent of a suit (apart from a suit)? I keep seeing the RuPaul Masterclass Ad saying 'wear a suit' and it kind of hit me that I don't have one and I would like to make one but they don't look good on me, and I don't like pants or how those look on me.

  14. It doesn’t matter what you mix with. It just needs to be mixed. It’s harder with a spoon but if that’s what you want to use why not? Lactobacteria is everywhere and it’s not inoculated be hand bacteria per se. you feel it fresh vegetables to get started, and even the rice bran doesn’t arrive 100% sterile in most cases.

  15. Hm okay I think the directions that came with my rice bran might have been weird. They say not to add any veg until several days later, a bunch of the bacteria apparently comes from your hands, and to boil the water/salt and toast the nuka before starting.

  16. Gloves are a thing. Medical/first aid/food service. Try it.

  17. We avoid plastic as much as possible, also I'm pretty sure gloves would insert about as much bacteria as the spoon though gloves are great for a lot of types of fermentation.

  18. I sew as well, and have gotten plenty of half decent practice fabric off offerup and poshmark even so I figured it may be worth vaguely considering? Obviously not haha

  19. Jewelry store near me has a Van Cleef and Arples (secondhand, vintage) Diamond Alhambra necklace for $800. Is there any chance it would be real, and how would I check?

  20. That's actually really smart. It really bothers me how many AF creators have WM partners and I feel like it perpetuates the idea of AF's only being empowered, etc if they have a WM partner or at least non Asian partner. I'll try doing the same with AM's and random races.

  21. How do I rehome clothes in a way where they'll actually go to someone and be used? (ie. not thrifting, etc) They're just basic clothes so I don't care about earning a profit, I just want them gone.

  22. Sexy has to mean tighter or more skin. The dress that always gets the most attention is plain, fairly baggy, reasonably long, and has an opening in the back. It's also insanely comfortable. Edit: To be clear I mean of my clothes, the dress that is baggy, etc.

  23. How do I fix a bad snag in an ultra-fine knit? None of the threads are torn, just very bunched up. Can it be fixed like new?

  24. My only concern would be their getting stained because they're white. Other than that, even if the moment passes, you can use them in a ton of other contexts because they're so comfy.

  25. If anyone knows of any dupes...

  26. I've seen a bunch in other colors on Poshmark. You could probably also dye them black if you needed them in black but the other colors are nice.

  27. Maybe you can also show a tailor what you want and show them the dresses you're able to get (eg. something off posh or from fameandpartners) and ask what would be the easiest to make it more like the acler

  28. I have long hair and got a comb from Lelet (they're pricey, tbf) and some headbands and use those with chignons and buns so it looks done-up, intentional, and fits the styles my clothing is going for. There are no doubt other great brands for combs, etc.

  29. There was a pair of Louboutins my ex asked me to try on when we went shopping once and I fell in LOVE. They were stunning. I lusted over them for years but obviously they were over 2k and definitely out of my price range. My ex wanted to save up and get them for me but we were both in college and I couldn't allow that.

  30. You could also make a rain garden by having it drain to a slightly depressed area which has water/floor friendly plants.

  31. Has anyone worked with Merrill Lynch for financial management? What was your experience and would you recommend it?

  32. I've been using ML for about a year now and have had a pretty good experience. I'm a relatively new investor so I don't do anything too complex -- maybe this would impact your choice.

  33. My concern is that I've seen some stuff about Merrill or BoA going under possibly? Also my broker came off as pretty snarky.

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