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  1. No - you aren't actually A+ certified unless you pass both exams within the same series.

  2. I have a SwissGear one that I got from Sams Club for like $50. Best backpack I've had.

  3. I enrolled on June 1st, and since then I have come to find out the ECES and the CCSP are no longer offered.

  4. They will still pay for CCSP as of last month. I started 9/1 and when I passed the OA they gave me credit card info for CCSP.

  5. Does it not satisfy the ITIL certification? I thought it did

  6. No, ITIL is not covered under the Google IT Cert. Just the "Introduction to IT" class is waived by the Google IT Cert.

  7. AAS in Business Management, but I am now going after a BS in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance.

  8. This answer is really dependent on several variables. I work full time, and also a single mom but I have joint custody that gives me a few days a week to focus on studying. I transferred in 37 credits. Since I enrolled on June 1, I have completed 10 classes including ITIL, A+, Net+ and Project+ and am currently working on Sec+. I am 61% complete with 10 classes left to go. I have about 15 years experience as an IT generalist and a systems admin and that helps me move through a lot of the material quicker. Along with that pre-existing knowledge, I am pretty much studying all the time to fill in the gaps.

  9. Get the new ones, the tests for 1001 and 1002 are going away next month.

  10. Been in public school IT for 15 years. You will get experience in pretty much everything, but your pay won't come close to matching what you do. It just depends on what you value. Some districts will help you pay for school as well. Look into tuition reimbursement.

  11. Breathe, stay confident, use your whiteboard, save the PBQ's for the end, bookmark things you are questioning and move to the next question so you don't waste time. When you get to the end, go back and do the PBQ's and then review the questions you bookmarked. You got this! Good luck!!

  12. I am having the same issue. I thought someone here was trying to ruin my day.

  13. Yes, this is good practice. If you are using Gmail and have a cyber insurance policy, you may be required to enable it anyway.

  14. The first few questions are PBQ's, skip over them (flag them) and go straight to the multiple choice questions. Finish the multiple choice then go back and do the PBQ's at the end.

  15. I have a daily commute as well, I've been listening to Professor Messer podcasts as well as his YouTube videos while I drive. I study at lunch time on my phone or tablet (I have the Udemy app installed on both). I just fit in in wherever I can get it.

  16. I started on June 1st and have only made one payment but it's worked so far for me.

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