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  1. i dont care. i just got the branch i want. plus cse in chennai would have been like category 4 or 5 with this rank, which we definitely can't afford.

  2. stop levelling resistance at all costs.only level up attunement faith and intelligence if you plan on using sorcery and miracles

  3. man i watched this documentary a week ago and it was so good

  4. Knight Enchanter Mage who uses that Icy Dash mechanic to position himself.

  5. It honestly would have been nicer to let a evolved deviant like him LIVE, and just do his own stuff instead of being purely wasted.

  6. I had the best nights sleep last night and the longest dream ever about Pedro Pascal. I'm still smiling now. So, yea, yea we do.

  7. because whoever was playing it can actually stop and play some decent shit instead (and it at least results in one less microtransaction filled game)

  8. Renathals entry line is literally "it is time to dethrone our former master"

  9. You're sexually attracted to nothing/no one. that's not a personality/sexual orientation, that's just a mental/hormonal issue. it might be due to stress or something similar. A human is supposed to be sexually attracted to the opposite sex (or at least same sex if your hormones are being funky). anything else aside from hormonal imbalance is a defect. you are just going through a phase. i don't hate you at all, i just hope you get better soon.

  10. idk why but the sped up lift cutscene with the music just felt oddly comedic to me

  11. Not gonna lie- I haven't seen Morbius. My friends saw it and said that it wasn't worth it, I only know the memes without context.

  12. 95 percent of morbius memers have not seen the movie either

  13. most people won't care how you look, but don't expect compliments for anything irrational and abnormal like this.

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