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  1. Who is Kangu talking about? Is it DP?

  2. Deepika Padukone. Journalist asked her opinion on Deepika and Freddy birdy controversy

  3. Bruh she's not the first celeb to get asked a random question /stupid question /question about another celeb or controversy. There is a better way to handle it. You can be polite while essentially saying the same thing. A simple, I don't know about it or I don't want to comment or it's not my place to comment, would've sufficed. What is this rudeass behavior. Like she is some goddess talking to mere mortals. And wasn't she THE champion for outsiders? Well DP is an outsider, so it wouldn't hurt to promote her film, would it?

  4. Yeah right. People like her who are neglected as a child become big time Narcissists. Their ego is too fragile and they always they want to make themselves look bigger or smarter, so they blame others. It's a coping mechanism to deal with insecurity & emptines. Therapy would help ( I'm a psycho stud)

  5. My best friend sexted with these people who are not so relevant : 1. Priyank Sharma. 2. Abhijeet Sawant

  6. Ok I need not to gatekeep since it was many many years ago... 1. Priyank Sharma. 2. Abhijeet Sawant

  7. Who is Pamola’s parents and who is the lady in the last photo?

  8. He probably is. He is an alcoholic and drug addict. P.S- My friend once hooked up with him 😂. He said that this guy Paras is v active on dating apps

  9. Not sure but even with bff it is strange.if the same was done by guy telling I don't see her as a woman,ppl will call him as creep.

  10. They do it for views. They both know each other since 2012, so they must be very comfortable around each other. There are many reports by leading media that his sexuality is an open secret in the tv industry ( LINK- blind item on devoleena & Vishal ) -- --

  11. Roshni had she not been famous would have been organising Guru Ji kirtans at Punjabi Bagh every weekend.

  12. So it's like a series? Of patriotic movies after Majnu, they're releasing one with Kangana, then with Vicky

  13. Yes!. Gangubai is more aesthetic and cinematic whereas Love Sonia is more realistic

  14. Btw ye cute banda kaun hai? Kai baar memes me dekha hai.

  15. It's great that this time south producers will lose their money not bollywood.

  16. Dhaakad was also a commercial movie and this is a sequel to a very old movie with rajnikant as a lead . Without a big actor from the south it will flop . They are digging their own coffin after knowing what kangana has done to bollywood.

  17. Isn't it going to be a male centric movie? She started shooting when 50% shoot was almost over in 2022. I saw it on some South actor's story

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