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  1. Employee of the Month with Dane Cook has a scene like that where they hide in Costco.

  2. Apparently there is an episode of Legend of the Three Caballeros called Moai Vacation that has a singing number involving them. It's a Disney property

  3. I’ve never seen that but I’ll have to check it out!

  4. I dont think I have either. Figured I'd give you a smidge of internet sleuthing to see if I could find you a lead.

  5. Well I appreciate that :) please let me know if you think of anything else!

  6. Hop? It was that easter movie i think but its been a long time so im not sure if they talk

  7. I haven’t seen that movie so it can’t be but that is one we thought about.

  8. It’s not that one but thank you I couldn’t figure out where to ask this!

  9. Love the implication that male koalas have vaginas too

  10. Shake the fear by words like wildfire ft Kellin Quinn

  11. Our rental company was informed that our superintendent is under investigation for being a pedophile, and they decided to build a play structure across from his house. 😐

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