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  1. Quite happy about Polette, they have a few showrooms in Belgium but you end up ordering online and getting them shipped to you. I can recommend.

  2. Can second Polette. I do admit I have it very easy with glasses and can trust most pairs to fit me so I don't have to go to a showroom at all.

  3. I've read other Murakamis where I got the same feeling, looked it up, and it turned out the translator/the translator's publisher just scrapped entire chapters.

  4. My terraria survive in a window just fine. I've also had green tinted glass and that did worse.

  5. Darnit, I was so ready for Anke to be the mole. Would have been interesting in the light of this episode, though. Still sucks for her.

  6. Welkom bij Huilende Mensen. Vandaag ontvangen we Kurt. Kurt is bang van afkortingen.

  7. I'm quite disappointed they didn't do a murder mystery dinner type challenge. Getting me all hyped up with the Agatha Christie talk :(

  8. Pedantic, but I think Magda (who made a small comeback in the first episode of this season) was the first mol.

  9. Whoops, must have been my first mole instead of the very first then, thanks for the correction.

  10. Marianne wasn't a mole either. She was the winner in the year that Hugo was the mole.

  11. My god... Twenty years on and I'm still stuck in tunnel vision...

  12. Ingevuld! Ik hoop dat er wat werk kan worden gemaakt van klare taal in de legislatuur...

  13. I have never seen any trademarks of propaganda though.

  14. Not as much propaganda as 'boodschap van algemeen nut', I suppose they mean. Unless you count things like the ads for milk or meat. Or the covid prevention messages. But it'll all depend on how broad your definition of propaganda is.

  15. Babies' craniums are very flexible. It's what helps them actually get out of the womb through the birth canal, and consequently, quite often baby heads look a bit funky after birth. People who don't move their babies around enough and always have them lying down, will see a flattening of the back. And in cultures where people bound their babies up or gave them some sort of tight hat (for safety, for warmth...), they would have noticed their head shape changing (see Toulouse in France, where they didn't do it for fashion AFAIK, but just because a tight hat was deemed to be good for baby. The outcome didn't matter.). At a certain point, things start getting done on purpose.

  16. A comparable practice from the Native American Clatsop tribe, circa 1806:

  17. And many other cultures, including Toulouse in France:

  18. Jammer dat hier zo weinig discussie is. Paar bedenkingen:

  19. Sommige van de vragen van de rakettest waren voor mij echt parate kennis. En Sven kent geen variant van Maak Van Acht Meter Japanese Stof Uw Nieuwe Pyjama?

  20. Let's just wait for the central exams to roll out, and until we've evaluated their results in the next decade, before we take any harsh decisions, eh.

  21. I don't have any experience with nurseries yet but it's clear that the sector needs more support. My partner and I have been trying for children for a few years now, have gone through quite a few miscarriages, and according to 'the book' we would have actually have to start searching for a nursery as soon as we get a positive pregnancy test. But we're really not up for adding that to our list of worries yet.

  22. I'm a teacher that would like to see a shorter holiday. I kind of lose 'touch' after the summer, and so do the pupils. And the one week holidays are too short to get work done, so extending those would work great. I understand the objections of principals and the supporting team more than the teachers': they're often at work the first two and the last two weeks of the summer break, so there would be way less left for them.

  23. Every day large companies strive towards the stereotypical evil tech company in media.

  24. I'm on Linux mint. I didn't learn any Linux beforehand. I got interested after being on the os and know some basic commands, but really, I don't need to.

  25. I'm trying to look into how different sleeves are worked, but I'm having trouble with the vocabulary. How would I go about finding information on how to knit different sleeve shapes, particularly set-in sleeves which are eg puffed at the shoulders? I think the sleeve filter on rav only gives me info on the bottom of the sleeve, not the top.

  26. I think the filter is a bit ambiguous as it includes things for lenght, style, and shoulder construction!

  27. Thank you! It also seems like many of the terms are used rather fluidly. I'd love an example pic or diagram on ravelry with each option, also to make it clear for designers...

  28. There's a couple more in the listing:

  29. What bookshops do we have in the UK now, other than Waterstones? WHSmisths generally only has the bestsellers, are there any others I could look for?

  30. I'm not from the UK so I'm not sure if this is a good suggestion, but I like Persephone books (even though I haven't ordered since Brexit).

  31. I just finished it yesterday. It's not really the book for me; the way Weir narrates the science behind the main character's decisions (or better yet, has the character narrate) doesn't catch my interest. Yet I'm happy I read it, because I loved Rocky. I'm also a sucker for 'how do we communicate with aliens' stories. I wasn't happy with Weir's explanation (not even a discussion on how you got at establishing 'good morning'?) but I enjoyed the ride.

  32. pro tip: after the next really windy day, go to the spot where they added the sand, lots and lots of sharkteeth to be found then :-) look for black triangular shapes in the sand about 1 - 3 cm long usually

  33. To keep the pipe floating in high tide. Look at the VRT NWS article about it today.

  34. I love me some Germanic substrates.

  35. Comic strip Esther Verkest, by Belgian comic artist Kim Duchateau.

  36. I just fail to see who actually wants a radio channel where they are talking for over 50% of the time.

  37. It seems like Belgian media companies have suddenly pegged podcasts as the Next Big Thing, and Studio 100 wants in through the back door. Also, apparently radio stations are very cost effective: low cost and a lot of gain. If we're really cynical, we could see Studio 100 trying to get on the 'mainstream media can't be trusted so have our alternative' train with the belga comment.

  38. I haven't had that problem in years. Spotify premium baby. All the music you want, at the tip of your fingers.

  39. I'm a big fan of Jamendo for free music, but I am sad Boogie Belgique deleted their stuff from it.

  40. Not exactly what you're looking for, but LinkedIn has little tests, eg on programming, you can take. The results get linked to your profile if you score within a certain percentile.

  41. I’m currently on a waiting list, and I have many questions: -are you allowed to bring personal stuff and hobby materials with you (I’m a knitter and a spinner, personally)

  42. Hey, a fellow Belgian knitter and spinner! Good luck on your mental journey!

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