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  1. Millwright in a steel plant here. I've almost died on the job a few times, almost seriously injured many more.

  2. Did you ever find a solution to this? I’ve been having this same problem for months and I have tried everything and nothing has worked

  3. Really enjoying this. Thanks for the recommendation. Definite Edge of Sanity feel here.

  4. Nice! Glad your enjoying them. Dan Swano never misses, everything he does is good.

  5. I had been completely opposed to it. I have been taking a competition pistol class and it requires that I wear a holster. It's a lot more comfortable that most concealed carry options and you can carry a full size gun. The Greenwood mall thwarted mass shooting makes me want to not be in a situation where something like that unfolds and I am carrying something only suited to 20 feet or less.

  6. Left or right has no bearing on my opinion. I don't consider my self to lean that way politically, but I also don't live in America, so my culture hasn't fetishized personal firearms for the last few centuries.

  7. It is not about feeling safe. It's more like why someone has blankets in their car. They do not plan on their car breaking down in 0 degree weather, they are not hoping it will happen either. They just prefer to be prepared for all possible scenarios. I carry my wallet everywhere even when I am not planning on going to a store.

  8. Equating a blanket to stay warm with a pistol is literally only a comparison that makes sense to Americans.

  9. You're a 20-something who vapes, drinks light beer and loves his flannel shirt not because of how it looks, but because you think you should.

  10. Was that a passage taken from the Bible or did you make my up all on your own?

  11. Yes , usually something like a valley girl or California boy

  12. Not being an American both of those phrases are meaningless to me.

  13. You don’t think it usually is based in prejudice? Most of the time it seems to be. I’m around many Asians, who I love and respect. But I know lots of families that if their child brought home a person of color. They would be disowned.

  14. Absolutely and I think that shit is wrong. I just understand that not everyone who has a preference, basses those preferences on things like that.

  15. When that preference is anchored by something prejudicial or stereotypical is where I think the problem lies. Simply being more or less attracted to a person's features, those of which are more prevalent in a certain race is fine, and mostly outside of our control.

  16. Literally every one amounted to absolutely nothing.

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