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  1. I remember when Blue Mountain in Ontario put in a 6 pack around 20 years ago. Similar sized area. Seems like it worked out ok. When you have limited vertical, it’s way more fun when you can make fast laps and not be waiting in line.

  2. Boyne Mountain already has a six pack. The articles on this tend to miss the number of lifts that the "mountain" already has.

  3. I haven’t skied back there in 20 years, but I imagine they’re all about moving people as fast as possible, which sounds like a good thing. Straight up people moving factories. You don’t want to wait in line for 15 mins for a 1 minute run.

  4. My money is on low potassium. Also, one plant looks further into flower. Make sure there’s no light on it at night.

  5. Haha they’re on here getting you all to give up the codes. Well done.

  6. This would be a sweet graphic on a shirt.

  7. Somebody thought this was the smoothest segue. They were right and wrong.

  8. In my experience: On my drives, i open my hips so aggressively that if i don't have golf shoes, my lead foot slides out under me.

  9. Yup. I was golfing in my trail shoes and thought they were good enough. Only had a few slips. Recently got spikes, and I can feel the difference. Feel way more planted.

  10. My regular foursome has over 100 years of playing with no hole in ones. It's 99% luck.

  11. Everyone is trying to hit it towards the hole man, how’s that luck? Y’all will get yours. Believe that.

  12. How do some low level PGA pros have 20+, and other top 10 in the world guys only a few.

  13. If you have 20+, it’s not luck.

  14. I was at a course last week that requires collars, and the marshall was walking around in flip flops. Shit’s changing fast. There will always be courses that require collars, but I see the majority becoming more relaxed. I’d rather have behavior enforced than dress code anyways. What’s a collared shirt mean when people are acting like jackasses.

  15. Saw a dude in a wife beater and gym shorts at one of the muni’s in SLC lol. Personally not my style, I like to wear what makes me feel confident. Look good, feel good, play good.

  16. That’s why shirtless is the best.

  17. I highly recommend spraying BT on a full moon. Once I started doing that, I didn’t have caterpillars anymore. I know it sounds like hippie bs or bro science, but I think it has something to do with their life cycle.

  18. If I was in a position to spend $750 on a putter and some wedges, I’d already have them. Since I’m not, I’d save the $750.

  19. What kind of structure does it have currently? Christmas tree or multiple tops?

  20. I lollipops twice mainly trimmed bottom so it look like an umbrella

  21. If it needs it, you can clean up some shoots underneath. And you could spread the top out if you have a way to do that. Other than that I’d leave it alone.

  22. I cannot believe the poll is as close as it is.

  23. Or you already hit greens on most par threes so it’s a shitty trade off.

  24. How is it different that an aerator ?

  25. Think it’s gonna be tough out of season. As others have suggested, calling around will be the way to find out. I don’t think they’ll have any product on the floor, but if you’re spending big $, it might be worth their time to pull stuff out of storage.

  26. It was 99% a joke, but it’s the first thing that pops into my head whenever someone mentions a one-hit wonder so I’m sticking with it :)

  27. Not a joke, that song is awesome! WTF is the next line from the song.

  28. Golden rule is French fries to go fast, pizza to slow down.

  29. That’s because they’re actually just “restoring” it because it lets them conveniently bypass many code and other regulations. Near me, it’s been common practice to “renovate” older homes by tearing everything down (foundation included) except the front 8 feet or so, building the back part completely brand new, then waiting a year or so and then ripping the remaining original front/facade off and replacing with brand new as well. I’m not positive about the exact restrictions they’re trying to bypass, but it’s a consistent enough strategy that it’s conspicuous.

  30. I’ve seen two houses torn down to one wall and fully rebuilt. I’m assuming that’s a “remodel” and not a new build. Must save some fees.

  31. Besides going on and on about altering it, you could have said to drop a card with the order but not stapled to it. You are anal

  32. Some people would rather be right than solve a problem.

  33. It is quite clear in contract section I I I, part 1 that you may not alter the presentation of the items being delivered. Adding advertising to the items being delivered would be altering the presentation. OP suggested stapling cards to the bag. That is a clear violation of the contract and has nothing to do with us law and independent contractors working independently.

  34. Just don’t attach it to the food.

  35. What are you kiefing? That screen looks like it has a coating, I wouldn’t use it.

  36. I see a lot of gaps, but I don’t see the pin.

  37. What else are you gonna use for the tooth pain?

  38. Honestly. I didn’t realize how common K Def is, especially in the earlyish/mid flower in photos especially. It drove me nuts trying to figure out what it was mine was a mix of PH and K but I am also pretty sure it wasn’t my first bout with K Def and I didn’t even realize it in previous grows.

  39. The worst is incorrectly diagnosing it as “lockout” or burn, and trying to flush, when it wants to eat!

  40. We’re using 5 gal and roots are hard to check in the cloth pots I’ve been reluctant to dig around or pull anything up with out 100% damaging her. Should we potentially add more soil, we don’t have the pots filled entirely?! 3/4 the way full

  41. I wouldn’t add more soil, burying the stem crown can cause issues.


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