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  1. It doesn’t matter what they announce. I’m not believing anything.

  2. If he thinks that they are dead. Don’t talk about it

  3. People like him live in a bubble and think everyone else thinks the same way they do

  4. You didn’t need to scribble out the name. We all know it’s Jar Jar Abrams

  5. I’m pretty sure he was mention a couple of times

  6. The Clone Wars had episodes like A Sunny Day in the void.

  7. Should we tell them the behind the scenes reason for The Black Panther change?

  8. The best thing about Lego is that you can pull it apart so having him in pieces with the Clones standing over his mangled corpse is an excellent sight

  9. I think you need more than one bottle

  10. It’s time to admit there’s Superhero Fatigue

  11. She has become the very thing she swore to destroy

  12. It’s not a Dalek. It’s a ship the Daleks are piloting

  13. What about the droid attack on The Wookiee’s?

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