1. Pepsi/Mountain Dew. Those schemes in the mid-2000's with Gordon, Kahne, and Mayfield are all-timers.

  2. Hello, I am new to IMSA. I am a long time NASCAR fan and what really sells me on nascar are the liveries. Almost every week each team will run something different, so there are multiple liveries per driver, per race. Does IMSA (and other motorsports) just use 1 livery and stick to that the whole season? Or do they sometimes rotate as well

  3. Majority of the time it's one per year, but some teams will have a couple sponsors they switch up depending on drivers

  4. Not sure, I know I'm NASCAR numbers 00-09 are officially scored as 100-109, dunno if that's how IMSA does it

  5. I'm shocked Hamlin's wins didn't DNP, they always do

  6. What was the difference in Ericssons main and Texas/INDY 500 liveries

  7. Speedway aero package, the much smaller wing didn't have the design on it. Same story for the 9

  8. Not sure if OP has done this for previous years or historically, but I'd be willing to be that that the late 2000s and early 2010s would look much more chaotic than this chart. Though the Indycar sponsorship is definitely better, teams used to have to rewrap the car pretty much every race in order to put a whole season together.

  9. Last year was the first year I did it for IndyCar, been doing it for NASCAR for a while, those are some colorful charts lol

  10. Imagine paying $30k to be associated with that team, and probably not even drive the truck beyond your qualifying lap

  11. Which elites on the left there in the boxes 👀

  12. '17-'19 NAPA primaries, his 2 duel wins, and 2 of his first Glen win (one being autographed)

  13. Totally with ya. But on the technicality, isn’t that two different diecast?

  14. I have the Phoenix raced win in Elite, there's the ARC, and there's the ARC one that came in the set, to me that's having one of every release "in one form or another". I personally don't count it as a different diecast because it shipped with a second one

  15. Who was 4th in points that didn't make the playoffs?

  16. Hope Jimmie runs the #44. He’s run it in the past and would be cool to see the number back within the Petty organization.

  17. 44 is currently under NY Racing, but who knows for next year. The 40 also has history for the Pettys

  18. They've been racing part time with Biffle this year

  19. I’m confused why Elliot is out

  20. Lost tie breaker to Chastain after Ross gained all those positions in the last corner, and Larson was in the owners round 8 instead of Blaney who wasn't in the owners at all. Larson won in the round of 8

  21. Gordon had three and was on his way to title #4 in the year he turned 30.

  22. If Chase wins the title this year he will tie Gordon as the youngest to have 2, at 26 (Gordon was months younger tho), they both won their first at 24.

  23. I was definitely surprised that he wasn't the youngest lol

  24. Basically a track limits eye test rule would suffice. Some verbiage stating "driver must attempt to make racing line through corner"

  25. Forgot that part of the Bible when Jesus was horse racing with his 12 disciples and wrecked Judas so Judas got his revenge at dinner the next night

  26. This is the greatest thing I've read tonight 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  27. I'm sure this will be removed, but I can't stand this kid, sorry

  28. Think it depends on the sponsor and the area and whether or not that's their marketing focus there. But agreed it used to be more wide spread instead of selective

  29. To explain how crazy things can get, I’ll give you this piece of information.

  30. Keep in mind entering that race, Logano was below the cutline but had a win, putting 4th place (Elliott) below the cutline, who then won the race. So you had to be top 2 in points, which was much tighter than 33, to be part of the 4. This year with Logano also leading the points, top 3 will be good enough, even with a new winner.

  31. Cup: Closest gap from 1st driver in on points to 1st driver out in this format's history

  32. Also, the fact that Harvick is still a whopping 40 points behind Bowman is wild. I know Harvick had a 100 point penalty, but Bowman has missed 4 races now. There's a chance Harvick doesn't catch him even if he sits out the last 2

  33. Based on their explanation of the Custer penalty I don't see anything happening. But basing NASCAR expectations on previous actions is always a risky move

  34. Logano being the first to lock in should be of surprise to no one.

  35. My pick for Vegas was Blaney, and I had Logano out of my championship 4 because of that, but not at all surprised

  36. Left to right the top 2 read 9+9=18 and 22+16=38 lol

  37. They’re not killing off their cars to go fully ev. They retooling and killing off the v8 and gonna go hybrid/i6HO

  38. The Charger and Challenger are dead, that only leaves the Durango and the future Daytona. I was under the impression that was strictly EV, but not a Mopar guy so could be mistaken

  39. They announced the hornet the day before they showed the charger ev concept. The charger and challenger will not be dead. It’s getting a retool and dropping the v8

  40. Missed the hornet announcement. Still, if I'm running a car company not trying to promote my new hybrids with race cars that get a couple miles a gallon

  41. So if the 9 wins drivers and the 5 wins owners, does Hendrick add 1 championship to their record, or two?

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