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  1. Literally anyone could be Spider-Man. All you need is the “great power, great responsibility” mindset. Hell, even Doc Ock was Spider-Man at one point. Miles absolutely is Spider-Man, just a new and different version of the character. He’s his own thing, but still Spidey.

  2. Publish my novel, and hopefully make some decent money. It’s not about the money for me but it sure would be helpful. Find a job that allows me to live comfortably, whatever it is. I don’t need to be rich, I just want to stop worrying about money all the time and retire when I’m still young enough to enjoy it. Meet my best friend in real life. And lastly, marry my girlfriend.

  3. It seems that it’s hard for women to find a guy who actually cares about her needs in the sack… myself I feel like a failure when my partner hasn’t gotten what she deserves…

  4. My girlfriend says I’m weird because I focus on her, but I just think I’m being a good partner. Is it really that weird?

  5. Masturbated for a decade and performed kegels twice a week…..i only lasted 6 seconds as soon as my penis went in to vigina.

  6. Ok I seriously don’t mean to brag, not at all, I’m just surprised. I made it 3 or 4 minutes my first time, and now just a month later I can honestly go for like half an hour. I swear I’m not bragging or exaggerating, I just want to know why I last so long (too long honestly, I’d rather finish sooner) while others struggle.

  7. You do know making games takes time right? Forbidden West only came out in February

  8. We don’t know anything about it yet, but since they’re finally including a living Horus I think it’s going to be huge, which would explain why it’s taking a while. Personally I don’t care if it takes a while, I’d rather wait a few more months for a great experience than have a decent one now.

  9. Where is this demo though? I can’t find it

  10. Find the game, then click the three dots next to wishlist. It’s one of the options there. Don’t know why they hid it like that

  11. Remove one comma and this whole sentence changes

  12. But there was correspondence in between, yes? Same principle applies

  13. Well, in that case it certainly is bizarre. And mildly infuriating...

  14. Yeah, it sure is. I guess I didn’t make it very clear how empty the envelope was, I’ll make a comment to clarify

  15. Hide or leather used to make "metal" armor? I'd rule no. That being said, there are other natural materials they might substitute. I've homebrewed some Ankheg Plate Armor for an Order of the Ancients paladin before, for example. Bone of sufficient size/density might work, even if it would be too brittle from a more practical perspective. If I remember correctly, some cultures have crafted a kind of laminated scale armor (brigandine?) by gluing plates of leather and bone together, then binding all the scales into cohesive armor with leather or sinew.

  16. I think it’s fine to have it made from natural components but still mechanically be metal, as long as it’s purely a flavor thing. This is a game with magic floating eyeballs that shoot lasers, not everything has to be realistic.

  17. A Barbarian who gets really really afraid of the enemies. Fight or flight kicks in, but he’s asthmatic, so instead of running he just does his best to fight. He’s 6’8 and 100 pounds soaking wet.

  18. The final battle of my next campaign will be against the BBEG, an Eldritch horror god of nothingness. He’s been trying to break out of a magical prison to destroy the planes for centuries, and has finally managed to pull it off by manipulating a blue dragon. The dragon and his followers free the god, who then possesses the dragon to kill the party that’s been trying to stop him. They fight, the dragon is on Eldritch steroids so it’s a difficult battle. But then when they kill it… the god emerges in its physical form. Because it’s a god, and a god of nothingness at that, it’s physical form is utterly incomprehensible to mortals. Anyone who looks at it will have to roll on a Madness table. It also does damage of a new homebrew type- Void. Every time you take Void damage, a random object on your person is annihilated and cannot be restored. Hopefully they don’t lose anything too important…

  19. NTA you (1) are very strong (lifting power 3000 PSI) and deserve all the attention from the women (163)

  20. No, their gender and ethnicity are mentioned once but that’s it. No name or personal details are ever given.

  21. Some of them did. They were just as diverse as birds- some were large predators, some were scavengers, some were generalists, and some ate fish. Anything modern birds do, there was probably a pterosaur that did it too.

  22. Ahh ok looking at that picture made me think that was the only kind! Thank you for answering my questions. I have more, but my ex told me I’m a lot of work, so I’ll research things for myself

  23. No problem, it’s always fun to talk about. There are lots of good places to learn more online, have fun!

  24. Some people really do have crazy ex’s, I actually do myself. I didn’t mention her until I’d already known my girlfriend for a few weeks though. Just don’t bring it up right away, and don’t compare your new partner to the old one.

  25. Personally I’ve never thought race was a problematic term in DND, although certain situations can be awkward. “I don’t allow certain races at my table” is a sentence nobody likes to say no matter the context. I’ll probably just keep using race because it’s what I’m used to, but I don’t care what people choose to use. It all means the same thing

  26. Since everyone else has already told you to start with Zero Dawn (and they’re right, you absolutely need to) here’s my advice for Zero Dawn:

  27. I just started it this morning. Granted I only played for about 30 mins long enough to get through the first “cave”. I like the mechanics so far. Just to tired after work. I’m off tomorrow though. Can you go first person view? I do prefer that to 3rd person

  28. No first person, but you’ll come to appreciate third person. It’s a very good fit for this game

  29. Ok so all my friends joke that I look exactly like McLovin. And… they’re right, I really do. Should I be proud or ashamed

  30. If you only count combat then yes, 6-8 is a lot. But even a social interaction can be an encounter. An encounter is any situation that may require resources to be used. It could be as simple as “you wake up and find a huge snake sleeping on your boat, blocking you from reaching the oars.” It doesn’t have to be an epic battle against a dragon every time

  31. There are a few very small errors like this. I won’t say what they are because they do contain spoilers, but yeah the book isn’t completely perfect. But they’re all small errors like this one that are easy to ignore, so personally I don’t care. I’m a writer too and I know how hard it can be to track even important information, little things like this are a nightmare to keep straight in even a simple book.

  32. Omg the hot sexy shrimp sex (shrex) is so shrexing hot

  33. ill try next time i see them having hot shrimp sex in front of me

  34. Yes I can’t wait to see this hot sexy shrimpy sexy hot sexy shrimp sex

  35. sorrry, theres been a shrex delay (they dont have hot shrimp sex on thursdays), ill get you some footage tomorrow :)

  36. Ok I will wait for the hot sexy shrimpy shrex

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