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  1. Is that Le Mans? Looks like the old circuit

  2. You could cut off the lower wall's geometry right at the edge of the red trim and then fill the rest in with the upper wall

  3. Shaq pregnancy test is fake lol. It's from an online account called "obvious plant" that makes fake products that look real and then puts them in real stores

  4. Obvious Plant is the only person who gets my humor

  5. Repeatedly saying that "everyone agrees we have the best. Tremendous. Yuge" and never actually speaking on the topic at hand was always hilariously pathetic

  6. A coupon for a pizza place you've never heard of

  7. How they taste though? Sounds interesting esp the mango

  8. Looks like something from System Shock 2

  9. Ah yes who could forget about the street named 'Dway'

  10. Ngl I've done the first thing before. Always surprises them, always makes me laugh

  11. She smuggling elbow and knee pads under them yoga pants

  12. It sounded like I was remixing my internal voice trying to read that

  13. Each line my friend, each line.

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