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  1. Not aware of a turn on/off power/water mod. Running those types of complex systems though (if we're being ig immersive) would require a dedicated team to stay on top of things. Think of the Exxon Valdez that ran on a skeleton crew of four ? That turned out splendid.

  2. Aye, it would be a team focused thing for sure. But hey, would still be amazing to see such a thing in the game. On a full blow server, something like that would be a major resource, and more importantly, characters with maxed electrical, maintenence, and mechanics would be gold to have on your teams.

  3. Agreed, it would be quite a task for a crew of survivors; an energy source that required team maintenance would be great. I made a post a few months ago about the natural gas plant (irl) in Muldraugh.

  4. Have tweezers on stand-by to pull those splinters out of you and/or your guest's hind quarters

  5. Bring out your dead. Take out your dead. Burn'm, garbage dispose'm, or toss'm in car trunk, then burn the car.

  6. I'm not dead, I'm just sick!! I'm getting better!

  7. ...And then ripping up the foot protection you should have been wearing for bandages...the sweet Zomboid irony. Or maybe just pick up the broken glass, been there :)

  8. But at least you know where they all are now 😏

  9. On, because I still love the Three Stooges

  10. :) That's too funny cuz I swear I channeled my not so friendly deceased grandmother. That's the kinda shit she would say. "Yeah you've got a bad fever but this trash isn't going to take itself out". A total hardass lady, but damn she cooked amazing meals like nobody's business.

  11. haha ! :D I just didn't want to go there. True or not, that's funny cringe shit

  12. Yeah I think that would be useful. Like you stated, as long as the interface is showing that a sealed can/jar is being opened for the meal.

  13. And this is how the Knox Event all started...look at those friendly, yet mischievous faces. Forest dwelling Cherubs from Hell I tells ya ! Flip the shakers around and in the small print you'll see 95% inert ingredients, 5% government funded secret military zombie powder. Nobody reads the labels

  14. Do you know if the nvg drops in the second mod are only in military bases? Or are they anywhere

  15. Currently loading up a save here to verify, but on one of my runs all the nvg's were found in police/security areas or survivor houses/vehicles.

  16. I wrote a patch that fixes a few lingering issues / friendly API to eris' NVG, which Shark's stuff now uses as a requirement. Also compatible with Brita's stuff.

  17. Oh, very cool...A HUGE thank you for all the awesome work on mods that are now a must have for my and many other's runs !

  18. Yeah you can carry a small car trunk worth of loot ; Just keep eating 'til "Full and Bursting" knowing that in the meanwhile you're not scaling any high fences.

  19. ¿Por qué usarías una resolución tan baja?

  20. You're a gentleman and a scholar...and a person now requiring legal assistance for that debilitating neck and back pain

  21. So spawn in a house with the possibility of not having the required tools to escape ?

  22. I think the song is called Hard Knock Life from the musical Annie

  23. 🎵It's the Hard Knox life for us...It's the HARD Knox life for us🎵 c'mon sing along

  24. Worst co-op pz combat skills ever and I enjoyed every sec, subscribed !

  25. Wait so the housekeys that spawn aren’t just to random places

  26. Housekeys will spawn on zeds that are in or close to the proximity of the building/house you are nearby . Many times, I've cleared a building, having to dismantle even security doors, to find some wandering zeds, weeks later with a housekey.

  27. so can you pull zombies from other areas to a house/car you want and they might drop the key so long as they're nearby?

  28. I have yet to see this happen personally, although others have claimed to have experienced that. If not the initial zeds in the area, then newly spawned zeds (if spawn is turned on) have had keys to the building or nearby vehicles. With zed spawn turned off, I've had migrating zeds with housekeys for the locations they wandered to. Vehicle keys...never had luck finding them by luring other (further away) zeds. Maybe there's an ig timer for how long a zed is present in a certain zone to possibly have a key ? It's always been housekeys I've found later, never vehicle keys

  29. Other than increasing the bar area by at least three times (there's a bunch of booze in this god-forsaken town and you must secure it all), the crucial missing piece is the DR.OIDS arcade game. Looking good honestly, how is your vehicle situation ?

  30. This man has sweet shag carpet with all his carpeting skills. Nothing worse than being stuck with that nasty industrial short carpet they use in schools... suppose it's because it's easier to get the blood out after you work on reloading.

  31. Deep Shag (great porn name btw) is the worst. As stated many times by the elders before us, it's like cleaning peanut butter out of Santa's beard. There's a reason the military prefers short haircuts.

  32. :D Those Kentucky summer months are hot, humid and brutal...would be a great mod for sure !

  33. Lmaoo Hog tie someone over a water catch and harvest the salt

  34. "These pork ribs ain't gonna salt themselves!" - disgruntled post-apocalyptic chef

  35. The plague doctor is my fav...amazing, good stuff !

  36. ooooh....I feel a giveaway in the near future (hint hint)

  37. In SP, if having issues, quit and reload your world. Due to many vehicle mods run at once, sometimes trailer/towing methods are less than optimal. Some mod vehicles lack towing capabilities, which is why some vehicle modders state the towing ability in their mod.

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