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  1. If you read the fine print, then you'll realize that paint-chugging is not covered in your PZ life insurance policy.

  2. According to PZ law you are now eligible for a 45-minute break, to get back to the real world, contact family and friends, go shopping, get a haircut, etc. Then it's time get back into Knox until you hit the 2K mark, then you are allotted a full hour to do whatever. After that you just cut off all ties completely to the outside world, order a larger monitor, better headphones/speakers and become bff with your local pizza delivery. Your employer/friends/family may attempt to contact you. Don't respond, they are zombies and it's a trap.

  3. Good question, because I'm not sure of exact hours played. I was aware of PZ prior, but I started playing on a religious level when I'd visit a friend who bought it right before the vehicle update. When the vehicle update landed I bought it for myself on GOG and it was love at first bite (sry, that was pure cheese!).

  4. If you were right hand dominant in your sex life before the "accident", then just think of it as gaining a new partner instead of losing an old one. Gotta stays positive in tough times

  5. Please stay away from my base cuz my homeowner's insurance has lapsed during the outbreak.

  6. Well, I guess this is that moment when you actually pray to find a toilet paper house.

  7. Your health is as low as it can be without being terminal, if you take off even a minor wound, you’ll dip to dangerous levels and potentially die if you can’t wrap it fast enough. If you take off your throat bandage, you will definitely die

  8. exactly...I'd challenge even flex-seal Phil to slap on a bandage faster than a frantic pz survivor

  9. Weight 103. Maybe hold back on filling the fridge loot.

  10. When the rickshaw's a rockin', don't come a knockin'. Seriously, really...don't, nothing good will present itself from within.

  11. Worst poledancing ever, especially considering the exorbitant door cover charge. I want to talk to the manager.

  12. my tent, that I set up in my van...that I'm basing in by the river...and when I say basing I mean smoking cocaine like a god damn professional spelling champion.

  13. I entered the following text, thinking it would discourage me, but it's just words on a screen now :

  14. Not to say that this your issue, but a watering and/or light cycle can cause this. Since it's a DWC setup with a constant water supply, maybe increase the oxygenation in the water? The cells within the leaf and stem absorb water and get heavy naturally so other than monitoring closely, you are prob fine. Check the root system and make sure of no browning or other possible fungi. Leaf coloration seems a bit light, but this may just be your lighting/camera.

  15. Rootd looks quite healthy milky white. Air stone was a bit clogged I replaced it for more air in the reservoir

  16. The increased aeration should help. The plant looks healthy so give it time to react to its changed environment. Also keep tabs on your pH. Varieties vary but 6.0 is safe (even as high as 6.4), although you could get even more acidic (5.6-5.8) with your hydro setup. Water changes/flushes are also a factor to minimize the salt build up in your solution.

  17. As an appreciator of black liqourice, I might have to live here full time. Filling up the trunk and trailer, and checking this out over the weekend, thanks !

  18. Zombie infection cure for sure in those back crates. You're talking about seeds for farming, right ? Hey, I survive this biological shitshow zombie manifestation in my own way. You do yours.

  19. I'm sure you have, but if you haven't, try to find a diff. pathfind through the same furniture you entered through. Like, hug the wall or even try the 'walk to' option. As already mentioned, just mash on the door enough times and either break through or alert your disgruntled neighbors to help set you free. Happy trails survivor :)

  20. lemon wedges set aside on their own plate for the shots...let's not be so judgmental about this dude's skills people

  21. Find a ham radio and/or walkie talkie...alert your local law/fire enforcement officials, as they will send 'reinforcements' to help out with your specific situation. They may appear as zombified citizens, but it's just a ruse to slip by the infected and rescue you and any others nearby. All is fine.

  22. That's a lot of storage space for items that you'll probably fit in a corner somewhere inside boxes or shelves.

  23. It definitely seems a bit overkill for just a couple survivors, but there's def. no shortage of wood. Downside is it will take forever to build a fully enclosed wall, and it only takes one wall tile to be taken down, and you've got an entire zed crew on your doorstep.

  24. Won't take that long to build a wall here. I've walled off the entire western section of this trailer park, basically the section that OP wants to wall off but I also expanded it to include those yellow "extra storage" trailers OP marked.

  25. It still boils down to time spent vs. safety, and the rewards it offers. Time is a HUGE commodity and using excess time to build excessive (seemingly unneeded) walls and structures only takes away from the time spent with other important tasks/skill building.

  26. Leave that thing there (sorry if it was your mum or a close friend). Not sure what skill benefits it still provides (like sneak, lightfooted) by doing your best moonwalk moves near it, but you will eventually become desensitized by that jumpscare sound you'll be tormented by every so often as you traverse those stairs. Just don't get too comfy :)

  27. awesome survivor template!...what other trait loadout you going with? Strange to think that the character Kyle was born 10 years after the Knox Event, but sent back in time to approx. 9 years before the zombie outbreak.

  28. Leaked SFPD bodycam footage. WALLACE ?!? WTF were you thinking, my dude ? Gromit pleads the Fifth.

  29. was gonna say. big difference between "pot plants" and "potted plants" lol

  30. I was gonna say they are under the bed or in the dresser. Stealth grow :D

  31. rubber duck rubber duck rubber duck ducker duck rubber ruck ducker duck rubber ruck rucker dub dubber ruck rubber duck rubber ruck

  32. Now I want a mod that replaces the helicopter noise with looping duck sounds. Hmm...

  33. Seems doable. I already have a bunch of duck fx, because why wouldn't I? As a fellow rubber duck collector, this kind of needs to be done 🦆 :)

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