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  1. Communism is a statelss, classless, Moneyless society. Anarchism is that through means of revolution and immediate installation of communism, as outlined in the bread book

  2. Is a self-identified Communist an anarchist?

  3. An anarchist is a communist but a communist isn't necessarily an anarchist.

  4. Was the Holodomor Stalin's attempt to use the state to promote Communism in Ukraine—and perhaps if the USSR still existed, the people in it would be among the freest and most materially comfortable in the world?

  5. A strong, smart and brave person will more likely leave a shitty system.

  6. In the US one has to be 21 or over to buy liquor, it was, IIRC, 18 in NYS 40 years ago, and it's 19 now in Ontario.

  7. Well we have seen how little the Ukrainians care for the lives of their soldiers. So I wouldn't be surprised if they also neglect their health.

  8. Russian imperialists care little about the lives of Russians and Ukrainians.

  9. What reunification? Resistance to Russian imperialism continues.

  10. Yes, all the people living in the Donbas are actors. You found out, damn

  11. sounds like something an alt-rightist from /pol/ would post.

  12. This is why the country is the way it is.

  13. It's apparently the best a nation of a one-third billion people can produce.

  14. I might be unduly harsh, and if so, I apologize.

  15. He's showing mild cognitive decline, but others are helping him along.

  16. Statement from the head of the Chechen Republic ,Ramzan Akhmadovich Kadyrov

  17. If intellectual property isn't protected there will be no incentive to create and innovate.

  18. It's terrible. Does nothing but slow competition and allow big businesses to have a choke hold on a product. Take Mickey Mouse for example.

  19. Yes. Same when the brits firebombed Dresden - and that was strategic bombing in a total war, which is quite different from is happening in Ukraine.

  20. wp:Bombing of Dresden in World War II

  21. No. And when we fire mom Ed Tokyo even more people died, and that wasn’t mass murder either.

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