1. For when the servers for online are back up my NNID is EduardoU15

  2. no dates at all yet.... dont think we have much longer tho so better take advatage of it now. altho even after that we can still play online with pretendo servers however they are still in development so yeah.

  3. I have alwase wanted to have this game! (NA)

  4. yeah but thats just for 3DS. There are alternatives for Wii U.

  5. Well not really, YouTube in Wii U is not tied to pretendo it’s a HomeBrew add on. But yeah to use pretendo now that the public beta is over you do need to pay but when the project is done the final project will be freee sooo 😁 yay

  6. yeah it is kinda sad and an inconvenience that it will not work with tiramisu. That is the reason why I initially got aroma on my wii u. I still have both and still use tiramisu more but having aroma too gives me other cool stuff. think its worth installing.

  7. The Wii u USB plugs don't have enough power to handle an external drive properly without a USB y plug or hard drive that plugs in the wall. I doubt it will have enough power for that.

  8. YES I CAN CONFIRM! haha I have been using an sata SSD inside an adapter wich makes it work on usb and I am not using any adapter with it and it works perfectly even without the y cable or external power supply.

  9. It could just be really dirty, its probably time to open up the gamepad and Clea the botton pads and stuff : )

  10. are they? did you try all of them? I haven't but I guess I will just in case : /

  11. Mine has the same problem but way worst. I think I need a new fan :/ ( mine is 2012 15” retina)

  12. Hey I can't add you at the moment but if you want to add me go ahead and I will accept it when I get home. My NNID is EduardoU15

  13. Or you know, just get a forwarder and then delete50_hbl_installer.rpx that can be found in (SD Card)/wiiu/environments/tiramisu/modules/setup

  14. oh well I guess I learn something new every day hahha. I did not know you could do that. prob will try it someday if I ever make a new account but I dont think it will be soon. but thanks!

  15. hey omg I have the same problem that I can open it in Tiramisu but it wont open in aroma because it tells me NNIS used has been said you installed sigpatches? sorry I have herd of it before but its not fresh in my mind. how can I do that and fix my YouTube app in aroma? thanks In advance!

  16. I personally did a full disassembly and cleaning since I have some electronics experience. I recommend either a duster or plain soap and water for the shell, and 99% IPA for the electronics

  17. It depends on what you use.. you can use 99.99% pure alcohol made to clean electronics and it will not damage the plastic or anything. You can get a towel or like a micro fiber cloth and clean the outside. However if it looks really dusty it is probably best to open it up and give it a clean... If you don't want to open it because you don't want to brake anything you can use like paint brush or something and just try to clean the vents like the ones on the sides and the one where the fan is. That should help out a bit but if you really want it to be dust free and like new the best thing you can do is to open it up dust it off.

  18. No, the early wireless keyboards had a depressable power button on the battery tube. And as PP noted, holding it down puts it into pairing mode.

  19. You can! but make sure to do it as soon as you can as you wont be able to really soon. also yeah you need to add funds using a Nintendo Account that has your NNID linked.

  20. MAN THATS SO COOL, you got them all in super condition. congrats, I hope you enjoy it!

  21. Thanks dude! Gonna make sure I get protectors for everything before I unseal it all then I'll be good to go😁

  22. I think it is worth it, if you dont mind playing it again.. then YEAH since It looks way better and the controls are different. I feel its worth it however its personal preference wether you really want it in HD and if you want to play without Wii Remote.

  23. I already have a wiiu though. But thanks for the tips! Just one question, how did you mod the wiiu?

  24. EDIt, I realized I can't talk about home-brew in this community so so yeah sorry...

  25. Which tool are you you using for injection of VC games?

  26. That depends, im not sure I can talk about that here tho..and yeah it depends if you want to get a Wii/ GameCube Game, a game that is on eShop or games that are not at all on the eShop.

  27. just like iionut73 said if you don't want to and you dont mind paying for the games go ahead however personally I would mod the Wii U since not only can you get any game for free, for example even when the eShop is dead and you want a digital copy of a game you can get it really easily. plus thats not the only good thing, you can do so much more!! like install and play games from gamecube! back up your save data in your sd card in case your Wii U decides to die, you can install Pretendo Network witch are servers so we can do everything on wii even after nintendo shuts down all serves like online play and even Wii U chat! anyway.. yes you can buy games on eShop and yes you need to add the funds with your switch first, after that it is really easy to buy any game you want on shop still : ) hope my answer helped! ( BTW if you do mod it pleas use Tiramisu or Aroma since they are free and the most up to date ways to mod your Wii U)

  28. You can`t instal e shop games on modded wii u , it always says some sig is required

  29. really? there might be a work around or something because it works for me. I have bought games before and after I moded my Wii U and I can still redownload any of them. I did experience a few times that I had do remove and instal the game again (not from shop) because it said that the NNID was removed and I need to buy it again however I was able to fix it and I have not had that problem in a really long time : )

  30. Sure, I sent you my friend request. I'm Rugser if someone wants to add me

  31. I think you can, it will prob be a bit more complicated however if I were you I would just try and give them a call and see what happens

  32. You can! that is if your Wii U is modded if it is you can. however you can only view them in your computer when connecting the SD card from your Wii U

  33. Personally i feel that ether you need another disc or your Disk drive is dirty. you said other games work so if thats the case then your disk might be broken however if you say that every time you take out the game from the wii u then the disk drive is dirty...

  34. You can only play games from the same region of your Wii U so even if you had a physical copy of a different region Wii U game it won't work. however games like splatoon use the same servers no mater the region, so on splatoon you will play world wide with people from japan and us and Europe etc. if thats what you wanted then you just need the normal game that works with your wii u :)

  35. I would love you! im busy right now but if you want to add me my NNID is EduardoU15

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